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Oh my… if we confessed to Drew, does that mean this version of ghost!Drew will remind us of all the things we could’ve done together, like going on dates, getting married and having 5 kids, etc? Therefore fueling MC’s nostalgia and strong emotions?

Don’t apologize for feeling unwell, we understand! I’m glad you feel better now, though. Very excited for the new update!


That would be really cruel, don’t you think so? :smiling_imp: Indeed, it’s a possibility, but it’s not limited to a nostalgic Drew; if you confessed to them,l all of their forms remember. The way they express it is different, though: an angry Drew will say things like “you did not really love, right?” or “how can you let them go, after what they did to me? You don’t care, you never did.”

Aw, thank you so much for your understanding; aren’t you a sweetheart :hugs:


Hello! :smile:

I don’t have a lot to tell you, progress is slow and will be even slower next month with college, but that’s life. As for now I’m working on Chapter 2 rather than the prologue, as I feel like I need to carry on with the story or I’ll stagnate on the prologue. There are some mistakes narrative-wise but I think I’ll do fine as I don’t tell you which ones exactly :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s play a game; can you guess who said this? This quote belongs to someone who appears in the current demo, so you don’t have to worry about unknown NPCs. Also, extra points for who those who guess what’s happening :wink:

I hope all of you have a nice day! :smile:


This is indeed intriguing and at the same time interesting. I hope you can finish this project of yours and we will always support whatever or however we can.

I hope everything will be alright in your end and all of us have a wonderful days ahead of us. Cheers!

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Good things take time! And this story is one of the best, of course we’ll be patient :smile:

man i wish I actually was smart :sweat_smile:

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sweats nervously Ehnm… MC? I’m terrible at remembering things but MC believed Drew was super smart so I’m gonna say MC said that to Drew.

Good luck with college!


@Bricksand aw, thank you and welcome to the thread! That’s so nice of you to say such things, thank you twice! :blush:

Nope, it’s not the MC who says this, but Bethany! Also, to be more precise, it’s not said as a praise nor a good thing, so I wonder why (and how) would she say this :smiling_imp:

And thank you plenty for your support, you’re sweethearts! :heart_eyes: :revolving_hearts:

The update will take forever so I might write a snippet about one of the game’s characters. The question is, which one? :upside_down_face:

It will be a short story/snippet that may make it in-game, but won’t be spoiler-heavy, and in case it’s of one of the RO’s, you might get a feeling on how their romances will be :wink:

  • Drew Moore (friend, haunting the MC)
  • Drew Moore (romance, what-if)
  • Livvy Haywood (RO)
  • Rami Mousa (RO)
  • Chadi Khan (RO)
  • Kiyo Miura (RO)
  • William Tate (RO)
  • Alexis Payne (RO)
  • Eddie
  • Ethan Davis
  • Samuel Whitaker

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I hope you have a wonderful day! :smile:


That poll only shows we’re all a bunch of fucking masochists.


Oh my god look at those results jdksksksks. Holy shit we’re just screaming angst at the top of our lungs.


Well, to be fair, we don’t know the other ROs yet. It’s no surprise no one is attached to them xD


I’ll be honest I read Chadi Khan as Chad Khan. As in the OG Genghis Khan.

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Probably said this to Drew after turning on him or something… Yikes

LOOK AT THOSE RESULTS! WE ALL LOVE DREW and also love tormenting ourselves


How cold can the MC be?


As cold as Drew…Dead cold.

too soon?


It will always be too soon


My, isn’t Drew famous! Despite that shouldn’t come as a surprise as @Flinx said, I thought you would be curious about the rest of the ROs :smiling_imp: But I guess the call of angst and suffering is too strong for a lot of you, right?

My, maybe I should change Chadi’s surname! I’ll be honest and confess that Khan wasn’t Chadi’s original last name, but I’m still looking for another one that will fit better.

Betrayal is looming over :skull: Mmm… I wonder if once I’m done people will hate Bethany even more than Mary-Ann and the rest of the MC’s objectives; plenty of them are awful, but backstabbers have a special place reserved for them.

Also, I have to keep track of all these images, they very amusing :grin:

There are several variables that can track the MC’s decisions and personality, so you could play as a pretty cold MC; calculating, manipulative, ruthless… Not literally dead cold (how mean of you, @Baam!) but fairly close.

It seems fairly clear which option is going to win, but I’ll leave the poll open until next week, in case there’s people who didn’t have access to the forums or if you want to rally your friends to vote something else. Also, now I also realize I wrote Rami’s surname wrong! It’s Moussa, no Mousa, but I can’t change the poll :see_no_evil:

Have a nice day! :smile:


I learned from the best.


I actually chose that option to salvage as much fluff as possible from Drew’s romance. I want to know what happy moments we could’ve had together. But this might as well be a reminder of what we’ve lost and will never experience, ever :cry:

More memes comin’ in


im sorry not sorry

Aw, so vampire!MC and ghost!Drew is really out of the question huh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Regarding the spoilered section of your post: Do I SMELL A REDEMPTION ARC!!!??? That would be awesome, when executed well they can be quite heart-tugging.


Lmaooo this is gold