Nothing left (to burn) [WiP] — July 16 update!

even if it means there working on the story for the next 100 years ^_-


Yup. I’ve already got a necromancer hired specifically for this to wake me up. Break a few bones while stretching, the usual.


In the third choice “him” should be “she” for me since drew is female in my playthrough

In the last paragraph where it says “thats not her name” it should be “his” since my character is male

Where Eddie is speaking, “The do it” should be “Then do it”

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Well done I’m looking forward to seeing more. noticed errors here and there but the story was moving and hooked me in easily.

Imma guess this was on a hiatus for a while, but still it looks pretty good. My MC is currently broken, angry and highly aggressive since he went confessed to drew only for her to up and get killed. I did get the errors as Hector though so there is that.


Same playthrough, I slept in the same bed with Drew and all. After her death my mc became the angry aggressive dude hellbent on revenge. Hopefully this gets updated soon


Love this story. Hope it gets continued.


@Lycoris Glad you’re going to continue writing. Besides it being a great story that deserves to be written…psychoanalyzing your characters is a great pleasure of mine. :grin:


After the first playthrough I was like​:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:
Yeah and the game development seem so reasonable and natural…It’s been a while since I have so many background imagination of my MC. Congratulations! You succeeds in putting me in the game🤔


I saw what you said in the description, definitely don’t feel bad about the break, taking care of your mental/physical health is the most important thing. The great thing about stories is that they’ll be waiting for you if/when you’re ready to pick them up again


I really like what you said there. It’s so true, and I don’t think a lot of authors give themselves credit for what they’ve already done and feel a lot of pressure to try and give readers more like we might disappear. As a fan of this book in particular, I can tell you one thing for certain— I’ll still be here no matter what. It’s been a year since I found this WIP and I’m still turning to it again and literally sobbing when the plot hits. I see a lot of people recommending it on Reddit too.

Whether you decide to go on further, or not, you have already pulled a lot of heartstrings and taken us on a ride. So far not one other book has made me feel so torn up before (except for The Deathly Hallows when Dobby dies, but we won’t go there right now because it’s still too soon for me lol). Take care of yourself, always. And best of luck with everything!!