Nothing left (to burn) [WiP] — July 16 update! (and Tumblr surprise!)

noticed a couple of things

Noticed a couple of things
An inconsistancy…

I didn’t call anyone out. I chose to keep quiet and not make a scene.

Code popping up?


Which bully do you dislike the most? Why?
Hard to choose between Mary Ann and Bethany. Mary Ann for being the one that pulls the strings and Bethany for the betrayal.

What do you think of Bethany? General impressions/thoughts of her?
Feel no pity for her whatsoever. She may not be as extreme as some of the other bullies, but she desperately befriended them despite what they’re doing, stood aside during all the abuse, and actually admires and obsesses over Mary Ann.

If you made a thorough search of the Coleman’s room, did you find that board?
Yup! Chose not to waste time doing anything with it though.

What do you think the MC will do with Peri? (Don’t worry, the cat won’t suffer any kind of harm!)
Nothing? I choose to just ignore it.

In Chapter 3, for those who took the Mall branch, did you find Livvy?
Didn’t go the Mall Route.

And what about the fortune teller? Do you think he’s the real deal, or another scammer?
Didn’t meet him in my playthrough.

  • Which bully do you dislike the most? Mary-Ann
    Because she’s the perfect example of a spoiled rich brat who has everything handed to her and not facing the consequences of her actions.

  • What do you think of Bethany? General impressions/thoughts of her?
    I’m not a fan of her but I don’t want her dead. No she needs to stay alive, live with the guilt of her actions, and spend her life trying to make up for it.

  • If you made a thorough search of the Coleman’s room, did you find that board?

  • What do you think the MC will do with Peri? (Don’t worry, the cat won’t suffer any kind of harm!)
    Adopt her? Its kind of irresponsible to let your cat be an inside/outside cat…

  • In Chapter 3, for those who took the Mall branch, did you find Livvy?

  • And what about the fortune teller? Do you think he’s the real deal, or another scammer?
    Sure, it would add an interesting element to the game and be a neat way to explain ghost Drew, other than the fact MC has had very little sleep and is imaginine ghost Drew due to guilt of not being able to do anything for them.

As a whole I’m not for trying to kill the bullies because I think they should be held accountable for their actions and live with the fact their actions. They should live with that guilt and try to make up for it. I am however up for making their lives hell and scaring the shit out of them, without jail time if possible.

I’m also questioning some of the bullies home life because as an adult I know kids don’t just randomly bully people without some type of trigger in their own life. I’m not agreeing with their actions because holy shit, but I’ve watched/read to much psychology stuff in college to know better. I also know that teenagers can make stupid decisions. Adults make stupid decisions, which is really evident in this because the school did nothing. Wtf are the teachers doing at this school? Wearing blinders and twiddling their thumbs? Holy shit… :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

On a side note I really want to ask about the RO’s but I’ll hold off on that.


Wow uh… so… found this thread yesterday… played today… and… well…
This is the most awful thing I’ve read in a long time… but in a good way!
I mean, it was so sad it broke my heart. I found myself literally crying over this thing… oh man… :sob:
I don’t even know where to begin, really… I’m so sad and UGH!
But it was so great…

Also, I’m kind of freaked out, because I’ve got the weirdest feeling of déjà-vu ever, with this game…

When talking with the fortune-teller, and when he told the MC Drew is glad they kept their ring, suddenly I felt like I KNEW this story already, and that specific part made an impact on me. But what the hell, I’ve been on the forums for like two weeks, and there’s no way I’d ever read it before today…
I do get déjà-vu sometimes, but rarely that potent… so weird…

I would like to ask you something, but well, it’s spoilerish, and I don’t really require an answer, since it would be a big spoiler. More like, I’d still like to adress the point.
I love the story, deeply, and I feel so much for my MC, it’s crazy. But at the same time, I’m very scared of revenge plots of any sorts. And also, I love redemption plots of all sorts. With how the story starts, I suspect various things, but at the same time you left the situation pretty unclear, and I was wondering - will it be possible to follow a path where the MC decides to let go of their thirst for revenge, and their desire to hurt the bullies. As much as they’d deserve the harm, it would only end up with more harm to the MC and the people close to them, and I so dearly want for them to get better… poor thing…
As I said, it’s a spoilerish question so no need to answer it (but if you want to, I wouldn’t mind the spoiler - I’d really love for that to be possible!).

Aside from that, I’ve noticed you asked the readers a couple of questions, so I’ll answer them!

Which bully do you dislike the most? Why?

Mary-Ann, with no surprise. She’s the leader of it all, and I doubt the clique would hold without her. It prooobably wouldn’t have escaladed so much if not for her, too. She riles the others up.

What do you think of Bethany? General impressions/thoughts of her?

Honestly, my main feeling is pity. It’s really sad, but in a pitiable and dirty kind of way to do what she does. I have been bullied and I have been one of the “unpopular kids”, but I never sucked up to the popular girls who made my life hell. And believe me when I say she “left the opportunity” for me to become “one of them” at the beginning. Yuck, no thanks. So yeah, I think Bethany’s a coward and a very sad person. But while I’m mildly mad at her, I don’t feel real hatred.

If you made a thorough search of the Coleman’s room (...)

Eeh, didn’t go that route :woman_shrugging:

What do you think the MC will do with Peri?

Same as the previous question. Though if it’s Bethany’s family kitty, well, my MC is caring and while he has his outbursts, he’s usually on the gentle side, so I don’t see him doing anything bad to an innocent animal, in any way. But well, since I didn’t go that route, I don’t have all the context…

In Chapter 3, for those who took the Mall branch (...)

Yes! Actually, I wanted to ask if you could only meet her, or if you had the chance to meet any of the other LIs if you made different choices there, but I guess you asking that means she’s the only one you can meet so far. She was so sweet!

And what about (...)

It’s tricky, really… I’m debating with myself about if I believe there is a supernatural side to this story or not. In most stories like that, I DO believe in the supernatural, ghosts and so on. But the MC is in SUCH bad mental state - at least in my playthrough - I totally see him hallucinating about Drew. If I go with the fact he’s only hallucinating and having regular grief-enduced nightmares and so on, then I don’t think the fortune teller is the real deal. But if there IS some supernatural force in play, then I think he’s the real deal. Honestly I’m still unsure about what to think. But I like that uncertainty.

With that done, I’d like to point out some typos or errors, and ask about things I’m unsure about.
I’ll start with the typos:

During the wake, when talking to the guards:

““Are you allowed in the wake of Andrew Jonathan Moore?” he requests, , more like demands.”
Two commas instead of one (in the actual game the commas are not separated like that, but for some reasons it’s auto-corrected here).

During the dream sequence:

“You aren’t’t sure of neither.”
The double 't.

Once at school:

“A cold bead of of sweat runs down your temple”
“of” appears twice.

A little bit later, during the same segment:

“Your pain doesn’t’t matter, because it’s the least you can bear for Drew”
Again, double 't.

When chapter III starts:

It says “Chapter II” instead.

When following Bethany:

““But I… I wasn’t the one who did it!” She cries, her voice so shrill a Bethany’s of customers turn around. It’s hard to see the fortune teller’s expression under his cloak, may it be a a sting eye or a knowing look, but it makes Bethany drop her act immediately. “Can I… Can I talk to him?” She requests, shoulders sagging in defeat.”
I’m not sure what’s going on here: “She cries, her voice so shrill a Bethany’s of customers turn around.” - is this a weird typo, or some phrasing I don’t get? I’m not a native English speaker, so yeah, I may simply be missing the point…

Now, various other mistakes:

First scene wity Mary-Ann:

“Mary-Ann has walked towards Drew, and is standing a couple of feet away from Drew.”
It flows a bit weirdly, with Drew’s name being repeated like that.


“What, not so brave without your cliqué?”
Clique shouldn’t have an accent over the “e”, if I’m not wrong? Unless it was changed in English, but that would be weird.

If you select for your MC to have had romantic feelings for Drew:

Then you proceed to actually confess, and follow the path that leads to kissing them, you get this:
“You lean in, tilting your head up, giving him a few seconds to react and push you away if they don’t want it, but he tilts his head a bit and meet his lips with yours, joining you”

I think “if they don’t want it” should be “if he doesn’t want it” in this case, since Drew is male in my playthrough.

After learning of the tragic events:

Once Drew is dead and the MC is told:
“No, it’s too much of a coincidence for Drew to spring up dead after what happened yesterday: he wouldn’t have killed himself; the only way Drew would have jumped from the school roof was if he had been pushed into his death.”

But by the time this is happening, the incident MC is referring to wasn’t “yesterday” but some days ago.

Not exactly a mistake per se, but...

After the wake, there’s a journalist whose name is Ethan Davis. But I recall Ethan being one of the default choices for the MC’s name. Maybe it would be better to remove that, or change the journalist’s name? Always better to reduce the risks of an NPC having the same name as the MC.

Almost there! I have two things I think are a bit confusing and unclear, and that’ll be it!

If you go with the romantic path:

After confessing to Drew, if you accept the ring, you can make the indirect choice about the MC’s stature or body type (in addition of telling how the MC will wear the ring), since Drew can say it should fit them or lament it doesn’t. But the choice is very vague since it doesn’t have a follow up. Does that imply the MC is chubby and it won’t fit on his finger, or that they are so skinny it’ll slip…? Or is the only purpose of this to know if the MC will wear it on their finger or neck?

I'm slighly confused about how the "emotional/stoic" stat works, and to a lesser extent, the "impulsive/deliberate" one...

A couple of times I’ve chosen an answer that to me felt emotional, but it added to the stoic stat. Agreeing on sharing a bed with Drew did that, for example. But well, I don’t see why you’d have to be too shy in order for the MC to be emotional here - they might very well follow their desires by agreeing, despite being a bit shy. I had a couple of occurences like that. And same goes for the impulsive stat; like I don’t always know why some of my decisions are considered “deliberate”. And since most answers make the stat balance move by quite a bit, it’s easy for it to tip to the other side even if you didn’t mean to.

Ah, also, would it be okay to ask you to add save slots for the demo? I always say that, but it makes trying various branche so much easier when testing things.

Oh dear, sorry for the extensive post…
But like… I had so many things to say! I loved the WIP so much…

  • My Mc is undoubtedly someone who has an equal hatred for all those who maliciously touched Drew… And of course, how can we not equally hate someone who dared to touch this angel? Hurt, humiliate, make such deplorable attitudes, they all deserve to be judged, killed, beheaded, burned, tortured there is not enough death to make up for Drew, there is no suffering at the height, Drew was an incredible friend, in a short time a fantastic lover — and if a destiny came true, a partner in marriage even better. There is no way to forgive or qualify the hatred that my Mc feels, they have ended their perfect destiny, there is no way to return eternal love, nor to replace it, they all deserve to pay.
  • Particularly, I thought she was a coward, who after performing all the atrocious acts feels guilty, of course she does! (ironic), she did not object to Drew’s aggression, nor did she turn away from her “new friendships” when that happened, she just “resents” because of her superstition. If I had the chance, my MC would see nothing but trash, in which, along with the others, she must disappear, disappear forever. And even more the betrayal, she was close to Drew, did not even protect them.
  • I did research, yes! Huhum! How not to notice all the details, after invading the house? What kind of invader would my Mc be?! Hmm!
  • Go away with the cat, if we cannot have an attitude worthy of a sociopath, disappear, kidnap, take to a place where the cat is not used is the same thing as letting it die, right? Well, there would be no direct damage… Hum… Okay, it sounded better in my head. It was less cruel.
  • Yes! But all that matters and what is sacred is Drew!
  • I hope it’s true, but I know it can also be easy, the news must have circulated very quickly, attaching those who were close to Drew, she probably must have noticed in a photo that the ring Mc was wearing was identical to Drew’s. However, an event almost of a supernatural origin is repeated from the house of B, maybe we should consider … Or maybe just create false hopes; my Mc would probably create false hopes, after all, to live without Drew is to live without love!
    The more yanderes options the game of, the worse my character will be! Upi!

I’m speechless, and tearing up, the update is just…
I will answer the questions later, why is this so good, and Drew, my goodness.


The feels won’t stop… It’s has that serious ‘i dont care’ vibe when talking to the police.
It just added a more personal twist , more devastating feels and we have the chance to do want we can about it!
Thank you very much! @Lycoris!
Seriously the amount of work you did made me cry manlytears… (I had a hard time stopping.)


How do i use the new game+?

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* I hate Carter and people like him. They think they can do whatever they can do to the others

* Not only she betrayed her friends, she also lets others bully her friends and she had the nerves to apologize her dead friend. SHE HELPED THEM. (I’m just so angry about it I’m sorry)

* I found the board and used it. I don’t have any experience with those but I’m hoping that we can reach Drew with it.

* MC took the cat with him. He will adopt it also watch Bethany suffer with a smile.

* I found her in third playthrough

* He better be able to get in touch with Drew for MC and somehow teach them to converse with each other.


Oh, Drew :cry: will there be a chance to resurrect him?


You could always go the route of 13RW and have hallucinations about Drew. Although that’s not exactly healthy, is it?

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Quick question: where and how do we get the scene where Bethany (not totally sure) opened Drew’s coffin? Did it really happened during the funeral or did we find it out from stalking her? I just missed this scene when I was playing.


I had a scene like that, but it wasn’t Bethany.

I had to approach the coffin during that part of the game, and call the woman who did so disgusting. It’s the part where you can select to approach the coffin or go and talk to Imani, when the aunt leaves the MC for a moment

It will always bring me to tears and you know what is the most heartbreaking thing? Drew would never want mc to go down the path of revenge and self-destruct, only living with a shadow by her side that isn’t really him but there is no other path for her, not really.



Great update! Unfortunately, my internet is down and I am using my phone data,so I can’t provide links for you lovely people until it’s back up. :frowning:

1.) Carter. Because he seems like the Stupid Evil ™ type. A real meathead without even many working brain cells, and using all of the few he has to be an asshole. Much like a certain Other Peep We Know (:grin:).

2.) Bethany seems super insecure, submissive, and like she believes she can’t survive on her own and believes she has to ingratiate herself with someone “stronger” to avoid being crushed. In the environment of St. Mary’s,she might even be right.

Not exactly the most loyal to those she attaches herself to though. Likely to have minimal empathy for others, though ALSO likely to look like the model of compassion compared to The Terrible Trio (of Drew’s bullies).

B. If you’re not too caught up in the emotions of it all,you will probably notice that the story is written in very…Black/White, Good/Evil way. SO many characters are either Wonderful Lovely Amazing People or Horrible Scum.

I talk to the author outside of COG, and they confirmed this is part of how the MC thinks - in a very binary, Black/White, Good Person vs. Scum, manner.

Hint hint about the MC’s mental state. :grin:

C. Abnormal psychology wise, the MC seeing Drew’s ghost would be clinically diagnosed as Psychotic Depression or MDD w/Psychotic Features.

I can’t link to a page about it yet without internet. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

But basically, Psychotic Depression is when you see/hear/sense things others can’t &/or have bizarre beliefs that ONLY BEGIN and ONLY HAPPEN when you are clinically depressed.

If the ghost starts tormenting the MC, this is especially likely, because in Psychotic Depression, hallucinations typically reinforce shame, guilt, horror, helplessness, depression, etc.

Now, personally I think just because it fits a diagnostic label, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily “fake.” There are plenty of inexplicable things we don’t understand.



Hallelujah, my internet is BAAACK! :grin:

Now, time to diagnose these characters, starting with Drew, Bethany, & Mary Ann.

1.) Drew: Major Depressive Disorder (MDD/clinical depression) - Atypical Depression

Atypical Depression is a type of clinical depression where your mood can genuinely improve in response to positive events. Drew is showing signs of being depressed, but as far as I can see when he is happy in response to the MC making him laugh or showing him love, it’s genuine.

**>**Possible Anger Issues (will need more info to accurately diagnose)

2.) Bethany: Dependent Personality Disorder (DPD)

Bethany’s showing signs of Dependent Personality Disorder - extremely submissive, highly insecure/very low self esteem, attaching to a “stronger” figure for protection, inability to express her own opinions or disagree with others, and doing “unpleasant” things such as betraying her friends or standing by as people get bullied for protection.

3.) Mary Ann: Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) - Malignant Somatic Narcissist, Grandiose Type

Contrary to popular belief, narcissists do NOT have GENUINELY high self esteem - certain ones just appear like they do. They are deeply insecure individuals who are dependent on others’ admiration to feel good about themselves + lack affective empathy (i.e. compassion) for others. They are self OBSESSED and pathologically selfish, but they do not GENUINELY think they’re nearly as great as many appear to think they are. They are also extremely thin skinned and attack others verbally &/OR physically when they feel criticized in any real OR imagined way. From the narcissist’s POV, they are responding to provocation. From everyone else’s POV, they just look like a volatile asshole raging for little reason.

Most narcissists are NOT sadistic. (For instance, before he got banned, Samuel Young was a self aware narcissist on COG who talked some about what it was like having NPD. Not a cruel or malicious guy - just very volatile & grandiose.) However, MALIGNANT narcissists, well, ARE sadistic and do knowingly abuse others, plan to abuse others, and enjoy hurting others. Mary Ann is a Malignant Narcissist.

She is also an overtly bragging, Grandiose Narcissist. And she is Somatic - using her physical appearance to get the admiration & attention she craves.

Here’s some info about NPD in general and Malignant Narcissists in particular.

The MC will need their own post for everything they have ( :laughing:), and I’ll do them next.

  • Aren’t MC and Drew outside?

Drew raises his/her eyes from the non-descript spot of your walls, but his/her dark brown eyes are not focused on you. They are far away, unseeing, but you stare at his/her face with gravity. He/She has kind features, because it belongs to someone compassionate, and such people can’t see long term, because they feel too much the pain people around them feel right now.

  • Drew’s name does not appear in the article now.

Authorities arrived at St. Mary’s Grove at 11:27pm to discover the deceased body of a student at the base of a four-story school building. The identity of the student has not been disclosed publicly.

“The victim wasn’t Drew, right? Moore is a very common surname,” I plead.

Drew didn’t contact you since last Friday; although he/she was the same age as you, his/her GPA was so good he/she jumped straight into his/her senior grade: how many Moores could be at St. Mary’s that fit into that description besides Drew?

  • I never spoke to Monich and Monich never spoke to me.

Clench my fists. I don’t want to make a scene. Not here.

It takes everything you have to reign your temper, but you don’t answer her back.

“She opened Drew’s coffin,” you snap, clenching your fists hard enough to feel your nails digging into your palms, "I called her out, and she had the face to act as if I was the one doing something wrong!"


Thank you guys for answering the questions, I really enjoyed reading your opinions! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Pretty much, yeah! The MC has a faint idea on who’s behind it (Mary-Ann and Carter are guaranteed to be), but they want to have all the names. Then they are done with Bethany and take revenge on her, because they know what’s most important to the bullies, and Bethany herself wouldn’t really help them. Don’t worry about not figuring it out, the story it’s in very early stages, so a lot of things remain a mystery/there aren’t enough clues yet ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Asking Eddie for legal advice could be possible, but it could seem very, very suspicious to her. And she doesn’t have that kind of knowledge, either: Eddie specializes in Labor (Employment) Law, stuff like discussing wages, compensations, harassment and discrimination in the workplace, with a bit of knowledge on Civil Rights and Family Law. But she has coworkers who practice Criminal Law, maybe it would be better to ask them under the ruse of wanting to be a lawyer too! (・ω<)

You could get a cottage in the mountains to avoid nosy neighborsヾ(☆▽☆) And don’t worry, your English is very good!

Thank you for pointing out these!! Hope you liked the update (◕‿◕✿)

The cat didn’t do anything wrong, like Drew. We have to spare at least an innocent soul here!

Okay, I’ve checked the code and I thiiiink the issue is solved. Thanks for reporting it!

Thank you! ≧◡≦

Some of them have several outcomes planned, ranging from “getting even” (as much as revenge can be fair) to excessive, and outright violence is avoidable (at least on the MC’s part. Maybe the NPCs are an even angrier bunch). You will get glimpses of their lives and what might have made them like that, but sometimes people turn out wayyyyyy nastier than they really should have given their circumstances. Can’t say much about the teachers, but you’ll see what they are like when the school chapters start ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

You can totally ask about them (•◡•:heart:)

A “forgiveness” path would change everything drastically, since revenge is one of the central points of the story, the total opposite. It wouldn’t just be another branch, but more like having to write a whole, parallel path just for it, two games in one. It would take place in another setting (since going back to St. Mary’s would be pointless), different NPCs, events, even the plot itself would have to change greatly. So, a full redemption route is unlikely; there can be early endings where the MC repents/realizes that they might have gone too far with their actions, but they will still belong to the revenge-centered plot.

What kind of things do you suspect? I love it when people share their theories!

Thank you for pointing them out! I’ll correct them and recalibrate the stats/reactions for the next update (◕‿◕)

That choice is purely aesthetical, it’s not meant to set the MC’s body type at all; just that they don’t have the same ring size as Drew. It’s up to the player, depending on if they would rather have their MC’s wear it on their finger or as a pendant.

I’ll make it possible for the Skip System to let players start from any chapter, but it’s not possible to add save slots: the demo is compiled (rather than having all the files up), so the Save System is not compatible. Once I finish the game and start a closed beta, I’ll consider adding it (´∀`)

Don’t worry about the length of your post, I appreciate the effort you’ve put on helping me make the game better!!

Hehe, I love how you guys react ↜(╰ ◣∀◢)╯ψ

Aww, thank you for your kinds words! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Once you finish your first playthrough, an achievement will pop up and you will be able to access the Skyp System when you start a new game. Hope it helps! (´ ▽ ` )ノ

Nope, the MC can’t do magic at all.

Some fates are worse than death.

Hello there, @buggygirl11!! Thank you for dropping by and trying the update, I really like your posts! They are very interesting and savvy, and a great way to know if I’m conveying successfully what I want to show or not ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ

Gosh, I LOVE that description of Carter! Can I use it in-game? (* :heart::heart:)

Thank you for the great messages, and keep up the good work! Let’s see if anyone can figure out what’s up with the MC with the hints you’ve given (・ω<)

@fisheyeThank you for reporting these inconsistency errors! (=゚ω゚)ノ

I have good news!

:tada: The demo of One thousand Blooms is finally up!! :tada:

Some people have already played it and said to miss it, so I posted it on my tumblr! And in case you aren’t familiar with it, this is your chance to try it! Mind you, it’s only the demo, without any new content: all of my efforts are on Nothing Left (To Burn), but I hope that doesn’t keep you from enjoying it!

Have a happy time playing it and take care! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


It’s mostly about the situation at the beginning, at the police station, and the Bethany stuff.

I’m torn about one thing about that. Wondering if the MC truly did something to her, or if something happened to her related to the vengeance story, but at the hands of someone else, and she said MC’s name because well, she was scared and confused and knew it has something to do with them so she said that. Moreso, it may also be something that actually varies depending on what you chose to do as a vengeance. In some scenarios the MC may have done something to her, in others no. And IF the supernatural part is true, Drew himself may have done something.
My theory is also that maybe the player’s choices will shape the supernatural aspect of the story - depending on the choices or beliefs, it will be either hallucinations or an actual ghost.

Ah, I also have to mention, about what I was asking about! I may have expressed myself in an unclear fashion about that whole redemption plot thing. I didn’t expect the ENTIRE plot to be about trying to overcome things without ressorting to vengeance - that’s obviously not the plot. I mean, if I wanted that, I wouldn’t be interested in the game at all. Rather than that, I was thinking about the very late parts of the games, when the MC is really on the verge of doing something really bad - to be able to actually stop that, at least if some choices were done during the playthrough or whatever. So what you’re saying about the early endings actually partially answers my question haha!
Though, IF the game allows for dealing with the vengeance in a non-violent way without (much) transgressions of laws, I’ll be okay with that too. Because, let’s be real, these kids deserve some retribution. I just don’t want to hurt them. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been thinking so much about the Bethany thing.


@Lycoris Sure, go ahead and use it. :upside_down_face:

Alright, I guess I’ll save the MC’s diagnosis for later and give people a chance to figure it out.


A.) My Nothing Left Mental Imagery of These Characters:

1.) MC - Addie:

That heterochromia did not help with the bullying, however Really Cool it looks.

2.) Drew:

Given just HOW big a blind eye is being turned to Drew being viciously & violently bullied…it’s ridiculously easy to picture him as African American in a racist town, I’m not gonna lie. :sweat_smile:

Black Lives Matter people.

3.) Mary Ann:

This is her in “doll-like” pose, obviously. :grin:

4.) Carter:

5.) Marshall:

This guy just seems like the perpetual sunglasses even on a cloudy day + vaguely douchey hair type. :laughing:

6.) Bethany:

B.) Other Diagnoses:

1.) Carter: Spineless Sadism Traits

Given his penchant for enjoying violence particularly against those who are weaker than him and can’t fight back, Carter is showing traits of…

Spineless Sadism - Spineless Sadists are cowardly types who are too afraid to act out their sadistic impulses towards those who have the faintest chance of hurting them back. Instead, they seek out ONLY victims who are unable to fight back: small animals, younger siblings, children, and those who are half their size or smaller in general. Many are too afraid of prison to commit murder, but will happily commit intimate partner violence, severe child abuse, animal cruelty, ganging up in mobs against vulnerable minorities, etc. They devalue their victims in their minds as weak, pathetic, and deserving of being hurt - a bit like an EXTREMELY vicious school bully mentality. They defensively hide any of their OWN weaknesses and vulnerabilities at all costs, and try to project an image of strength to others.

As far as I have seen SO FAR, Carter isn’t severe enough a case to merit a diagnosis of full blown Sadistic Personality Disorder. (Long story, but I have observed a few individuals who ARE severe enough to merit that diagnosis, and it is…quite something and very distinctive.) He might prove himself severe enough later on, but as of yet, I can only say he has Spineless Sadism traits.

2.) Marshall: Heavy Narcissistic Fleas

No, really - it’s a thing and that’s what it’s called. :laughing: Having some narcissistic traits you picked up from those around you WITHOUT meeting full NPD criteria is called Narcissistic Fleas. He seems like he likes his admiration and his status heirarchies alright, and seems like he’s a pretty nasty dude, but Marshall also seems more…well, in control of himself and more in the realm of sanity than either Mary Ann or Carter.

His BFF Mary Ann is a Malignant Narcissist, so that’s one place he could have picked up some of those behaviors…buuut he’s also likely to have at least one narcissist parent at home. :slightly_smiling_face:

Marshall is capable of a MINIMAL degree of empathy and remorse, even if he doesn’t express it obviously. Don’t believe me? Look at him trying to protect Bethany from getting beaten by Carter…even if he did it while putting down Drew and sounding like an elitist. But elitist and douchey though Marshall sounded, Mary Ann (no empathy whatsoever + sadistic) was just going to let Bethany get beat without lifting a finger. :slightly_smiling_face:


Was there ever a description of Drew or was it open to us?

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