Not too serious mythology channel


Stumbled across this, only watched a couple but what I have seen is pretty good. It’s got a light hearted take on mythology including less well known ones like Atalanta and Hawaiian myths. If you like mythology, I’d encourage you to have a look :slight_smile:

Demon Mark worth the buy?

Should take a look after taking a fast-breaking


Same channel actually has some writing type stuff in it to. All the presenter’s opinion but I found it interesting to listen to :slight_smile:


Out of curiosity have you ever looked into Tale Foundry? They also do writing-based talks but there’s one really interesting episode (or, well, a series of episodes) into Irish Mythology that this reminded me of.


No haven’t seen them, thanks! Will have to check them out when I’ve got some time. (I find these sorts of channels where I find bit and pieces I didn’t know really interesting.)


How have I not found this channel? :open_mouth: For one of the games I’m writing (Hades and Persephone), I’ve been going through so many mythology videos and channels and yet these have escaped me. Thank you so much for this. They’re fun and beneficial - my favorite.


I know it’s a “what question is that?” type of question, but help me. Convince my doubtful soul.

Does these channels worth enough for writing story material based on myth?


Haven’t had a chance to watch many yet due to general being busy, but I had a quick look through the topics and there’s a range of things in there. They’re generally short (most look like they’re under 10mins) so they’re going to be overviews, not in depth research if that’s what you’re looking for. But they’re fun, I like the narrator and if you like general knowledge or are looking for an idea they’d be good for that. I have also learned a few tidbits that I didn’t know from some of the myths I do know, and more form things I don’t know a lot about like the Hawaiian or Japanese myths I looked at so found it interesting. Some of them also point out female heroes, non-binary and ace characters in mythology which I thought could be of interest to some around here as well since they’re often overlooked. Anyway up to you, depends on what you’re looking for :slight_smile:


I usually check Marvel for these types of things. :wink:


I love these guys!!!