Not sure what I'm doing wrong?

Hi, I’m very new to this and while testing I keep running into the same problem…

Any help appreciated!

The first thing I notice is that you are using *create commands outside the startup.txt. You’re only supposed to use *create in startup: once you have created the stat, you use *set to change its value in other text files.

EDIT - Oh no wait, that is your Startup file. It looks like you’re trying to write an actual scene in Startup. You shouldn’t do that!

What does the content of ctwo.txt looks like? goto_scene ctwo will start looking at content in ctwo.txt, and the error message is referring to ctwo’s line 2.

(It’s fine to write scenes in startup.txt; it’s personal preference whether to keep story content in their own text files or all in startup.txt)

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Oh, my apologies, didn’t know that!

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The problem lies in your ctwo.txt file, not in the startup.txt file.

Could you upload the screenshot of that file?

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Thanks! ctwo looks like this: (for some reason the site isn’t letting me upload the screenshot I took)

However, you must admit your skills are most lacking in-
Technology, you just can’t keep up with the rate things advance.
*set Technology %-25
Persuasion, for one reason or another people just don’t open up to you.
*set Persuasion %-25
Combat, you’ve always depended more on brains than brawn.
*set Combat %-25
Investigation, you tend to be a bit of a space cadet. Ironically.
*Set Investigation %-25

Can you copy and paste the code into a code block format? Use the </> symbol in the editor. Right now we cannot see indentation. Oh, and before #Technology was there *choice?


Have you checked up your indents (spacing between codes) in that? It seems like you accidentally put an extra space somewhere, which is causing CS to go mad.

oh I forgot to put *choice !


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