Northern Winds (WIP On Hold)



Hello everyone! As you can see I have been in forum from waaaaay back 2015 and just recently decided to actually start working on a game. I was/still am writing a book in same theme as this game, but decided to take a break and try smth else. (especially not in my native language, but try to challenge myself in english.)

As I have daily work and usually write in free time (aaand I’m very slow writer, easily distracted xD) I wont put small updates every day, but rather every week one larger update (if i manage to write anything that is) Game is still in very early stages so I would be thankful for any feedback that you guys give me, as I have noticed community here is superb. ^^

The game is split into 2 parts: first one dealing with the Viking Age (9th century), building up your village, your fame, making strong legacy for your children. Second part deals with Livonian Crusade (13th century) which is completely branched between each side.

World has low magic elements, myths are real (beasts, spirits etc.), It is not meant to be historically correct only to peek interest of reader about Livonian Crusade and lands east of Baltic Sea. It’s a fantasy world with drawing huge parallels with our world, its history and folklore of Baltic countries.

You are taking role of a young chieftain (male or female) who is ruling a small village on coast of Baltic sea. Will you make name of yourself in raids against Danes and Swedes, or will you join them and travel to those far away Anglo-Saxon lands? Will you stay true to your people old religion or embrace christianity?

Part 1: “Dragon-ships” (perhaps I will change the name later)

• Live a life of tribe chieftain and rule over your people (make court in winter, decide future of village, upgrade it).
• Have varied romance options for both male and female players (romanceable characters that actually influence future of the story).
• Make babies and see your legacy continue……or in the end get killed by your own ambitious children or your jealous lover.
• Every spring go to raid or trade with Norseman and with other Baltic tribes.

(Here happens time skip into 400 years future. Player receives summary (Dragon Age: Origins style) of what he did, what has happened in meantime. If he/she ruled poorly then it’s the end.

Part 2: “Livonian Crusade”

• Game mechanics continue from first part, but relations with others and state of army starts to play huge role here. Great battles between knights and pagans and some of that nice and vicious court intrigue between church, Templars and chieftains.
• Player will receive another set of romance options for both male and female players (romanceable characters that actually influence future of the story).
• Unite Baltic tribes and make allies of others to stand strong against christian Holy Orders or accept christianity and wage holy war against your tribal brothers.

(4 possible fleshed out endings (1 good and 1 bad for each side) and here again get summary of your deeds as ruler, lover and warrior)


Welcome to the WiP community @Kefs.

Here are some basic links for beginning Choice-script authors

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The first includes everything linked from tutorials to wikis and the second is a scripting tool to help you write more efficiently …

I have an interest in your subject matter and a bit of knowledge, so eventually I’d like to contribute feedback for you.


Oh thank you ^^. Before I started to actually do smth, I lurked forums for days and read a lot of links and tuts from here xD


Yes finally a WIP thats about “Vikings” eager to see what this story will hold an looking forward of seeing more from this game :smiley:



I will say one thing off the bat for you to consider: Most Americans and modern readers in the West won’t be familiar with the different religions and folklore of the time and area - so you may want to consider making a glossary page in the stats file that has short summaries that people can look over if they want to learn or are curious.

Also, what an exciting time in European history you have chosen to write about - can we follow the Norse down the Rus rivers and maybe help establish Kiev or enter Byzantine service? :wink:



Yep, I had in mind to explain more in info page. (for now it hold placeholder info that I wanted to put into here as first post. But yeah I will put more explanations and maybe even historic things that happened and how its reflected in game.)

“Norse down the Rus rivers and maybe help establish Kiev or enter Byzantine service?”

hmm haven’t thought about that…but know you gave me excellent idea for new chapter. :smiley: :smiley:


It’s something odd.
And village’s wise one



Yeah first one already fixed…
second one…mby its my bad english, but doesn’t some people talk/say like that? I have to research that I guess.


Not in 13th century :grin:


Damn, that reminded me of the “Vikings” TV series.
Will play the game right now.


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Hehe, i havent fleshed out all the ideas, but yeah ^^ (Actually Vikings showed in first episode fight against Baltic vikings xD …thou not much :frowning: )


^Another lightning strike flashed in the horizon.

To the south.

Whose thunder.


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Oh geez I can sense already my pride of knowing this language is faltering xD yeah probably better in PM.

“he one who’s thunder” its meant as the god’s Perkons.


Yeah, I hope you don’t take it as an insult, lots of typos. Still, not everyone is a native English speaker.
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I can read my writing for months and still miss things. :gift_heart:


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