Northern Winds: Dragonships. WIP (Reopened and Chapter 1 done!)

Umm I’m sure I always pick friendly reactions but…why still says my attitude is bad and I’m being cold to Laine? :fearful:

I’m not sure what I did wrong though I’ve noticed when I try to obey her to find her brother immediately but my MC just stared at her and then nod, and when I want to comfort her but my MC remembered her vicious and hang his hand mid-way to put it on her shoulder…


I have worded it badly. This part is success if player did good on both Laine and Kosk, which could be hard.

If you were kind to her then it’s all ok on her relationship influence part. I will ponder on this scene how to improve it. :slight_smile:

So I cheat and take a peek at the code…

I have to act forceful towards Kosk huh, noted. :smiling_imp:

Yep…he likes that. Being twins doesn’t mean they like to be treated the same. ^^’’

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Small weekly update: work on chapter 2 is going well. I got an artist that is making new cover art, and we are talking about more art for the game. My skills are put on shame, so I will remove the art I have made regardless if artist will do more art or not.

Also seeing how tumblr is big thing here made one too. (I still don’t get reason why ppl use it or the functionality of it. If updates can be delivered in forum or main webpage newsletters like professional writers do.)



Can you please add a save and load system?

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I will once I finish Chapter 2 and upload it. Should be at the last week of February.


Hi, fierce warriors!

I have sad news about Chapter 2 release date. Due to circumstances in life, it will be pushed by 2 weeks at least. (that’s how far back I’m in the schedule)

For those who wonder what happened…well I’m getting old xD. Got my back strained so hard that couldn’t even sit or sleep properly for few days. So last 3 weeks have been quite a ride with daily work piling up too.

To give some info out, then here is heading for Chapter 2:

The chapter will revolve around the mystery and wee bit of detective work. Also currently changelog is getting big as there are changes in the first chapter too. (I track each stat and bigger changes in the scenes in my notes). Also there are some world-building changes (in names) to make easier on people reading/remembering stuff.