Northern Winds: Dragonships. WIP (Chapter 2 released!)

Hi, fierce warriors!

To keep myself on track and dedicated to the task ahead, I’m going to try to write up weekly progress updates.

This week I can show you guys the new maps!

The first one I have completely redrawn in 4k with much more detail. It still lacks forests, swamps, mountains (few of those), etc.

And here is the map for chapter 3. Which will be useful as each spring MC will be able to choose to go raid someone or trade with them. Additional character stat regarding this and also others will shift their views on you.

And here is that small ship zoomed-in from the first map. I don’t have great skill in the art of drawing, but whisky helped out here~


Oof I’m late but glad to see updates! Thanks @Kefs

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Just wondering , does the father being alive or dead affects the story in any way or it doesn’t?

I’m confused it says that i had a bad attitude with the twins but I was nothing but nice to them?


Both of MC parents may die, depending on choices. There are places where it’s shown. In the winter scene, you won’t be able to spend time with either mom or father. Where spending time with mom gives a new customised sail for the ship and being with father gives customisable prow for the ship.

In short: more or less it’s a flavour that slightly changes some parts. Doesn’t affect endings.

If it feels not very impactful I can change it a bit.


Can you give me a text example of that? Or explain in broad strokes what choices you picked and where it seemed that they have a bad attitude?

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I just realized what happened I tried reasoning with koski which didn’t earn his respect so the game said I had a bad attitude when we were heading back to the village

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For kosk to respect your mc , your mc needs to be forceful and aggressive towards him. While for Laine Your mc should be nice and considerate.Choose the choices of care and the choice to soothe her.


How many chapters the game will have?

As written in the main post, current plan:

Total word count: ~68k (~10% is code, 3k is the Lore pages)
Chapter 1 – Blood-feud [Second draft passed]
Chapter 2 – Talons of War [Second draft passed]
Chapter 3 – Flight of Dragons [Vague outline done]
Chapter 4 – Wolfpack [???]
Chapter 5 – Sword Storm [???]
Chapter N – White sails, black ravens (the last chapter)

To be honest, I don’t know how many chapters. Characters will lead the way. I know the ending for sure and word count should be somewhere between 200-400k. Going over that would mean a very long development time and complexity at such level that is not desirable for a first CG.


I’m excited for the long journey ahead!

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Hi, fierce warriors!

This week I’m showing two systems that will be more relevant in chapter 3 and in the future.

  • Reworked Warband moral system.

    • Previously it was barely implemented, just changing stat by some choices. Now it will come in play with small scale battles, how player’s warriors will respond to orders, and even affect how many join or leave player’s warband on a yearly basis.
  • Small code snippet:

  • Implemented fully armor/weapon system for warband.

    • Previously it wasn’t used at all, just text in stat page. Now the player can spend ozerings (wealth) to buy various tiers of upgrades. RPG style. Each type has its own stats and costs. Depending on what upgrades player has acquired the survivability of warband in battles will be affected and acquired top tier equipment will increase Renown.
  • Small code snippet:


Would be great if the game was a bit more open and I would be able to manage the village

It is something that I wanted to add at first when I started to make this interactive novel. For now it’s still a big question if I will add it. If I do then not sooner than with 4th chapter. No promises thou.


Hi, fierce warriors!

This week I will be speaking about Oasthworn/ROs.

And also this will be the only update from me this month. Due to my day job, I will need to travel for 2 weeks and replace my co-worker who has holidays then. I doubt I will be able to write anything and my forum presence will be minimal.

  • Lone Wolf vs Oathsworn

    • All of the oathsworn/ROs will not be optional and will join you on a journey regardless of how things work in the story.
    • I always wanted to make this game so the player can have a free choice to accept the companions and the ROs in oathsworn or not and that they can be killed or leave by their own mind. But writing chapter 3 I have come to a sad conclusion that these options make the game really complex and hinder my writing ability a lot (thou programming this was fun). Rethinking how in each scene companions interact with each other and comment on current situations translates to many variations and my writing slows into a crawl.
    • Cuz of this I have rewritten both chapters where such choices were important. (I will keep original code just in case) I’m sorry. :confused:
    • If anyone has doubts about this or what this means, feel free comment.
  • New female RO!

    • As there are 3 male and 2 female romance options with chapter 3 I will be bringing balance to this. Laine and Urve are very distinctive and their circumstances are unique to the world (there are not that many berserkers nor Priestess of Mothers walking around with spirit beasts…) than to make things a bit simpler 3rd female companion will be more down to earth.
    • So who is she? Remember the raid on Auzava first and only then Sergon came to your village? Well… Imela is the daughter of Auzava’s elder and she managed to hide in a nearby forest with some other villagers. Once she heard that the player killed the one who was responsible she decided to join the village.
    • At the start she won’t be much help in combat (won’t show up as oathsworn), but with friendship deepening, the player and others can train her. As she is very dedicated to restoring her home she will be fast learner~ Due events in ch3 end there will be very important choices about her and what happens to smoldering Auzava.
    • She is a year younger than the MC. And warning for those who are harem seekers. If MC doesn’t get serious with her or with Viliendi, then they both might get together~
    • Here is a random pic of how I envisioned her when thought about her story: