Northern kingdoms (WIP)

English is not my first language. So please excuse any grammar mistake or weird sentences.

About the game

Play as the heir to one of the five northern kingdoms. After conquering most of the continent, The Ozailian Empire sets its sights on the northern realms. Their first obstacle is the massive fortress that resides between the mountain pass.
The north is surrounded by unnatural tall mountains. The mountain pass is the only way where an army could cross to the north.
The emperor is now amassing his legions from across the empire to take the fortress, while the northern kingdoms combine their armies to defend it.

  • Play as prince or princess.
  • Customize your appearance and personality.
  • Stop the empire advance.
  • Build friendships and make enemies.
  • Start a family.
  • Unite the north.

(RO) All portraits are made in Artbreeder.


Empress Nela.

Princess Ada.

Prince Alvis.




Love this so much.


please fix it

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fixed sorry :sweat_smile:

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Loving the WIP so far, keep the good work up! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Looks interesting I cant wait for more

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found a prob.
just want to tell you that the romance/make-out dialogue kinda fast paced and too early for first chapter, other than that i think its fine.

keep up the good work :+1:

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Really Enjoyed it, Hope you carry on working on it but for a first draft, it’s good✨Be Proud of yourself



Fixed. Melina is trying to manipulate you, she doesn’t like you yet, and is trying to make you like her. As for Conor, he doesn’t care if you tell him to go, he goes, if you tell him to stay, he stays. So it depends on you.
You can only give Ada and Alvis, a small kiss, you cannot make out with them.

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@Fat_cat the save & load system isnt working.

Uncaught Error: SaveMod: Unable to *sm_save before *sm_init


Imma be keeping an eye on this one.

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The plot of the story itself sounds really interesting, I would love to follow the story as you update it, my only concern about it is the pacing, way too much goes on and suddenly it all stops and switches to something else happening


The casting seems to be an interesting one as is the setting,lots of work to be done in terms of lore and content but you are going on the right direction mate.

Will polyamorous relationships be an option like getting a highborn wife like Princess Ada and still keep a commoner lover on the side?

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Okay there are a lot of typos. Every time someone is sitting it says setting and other instances of a single letter changing a word and completely throwing me off

Working on it. Just wanted to write as fast as I can while I’m free, then fix the pacing and typos later.

Yes, just try to keep it a secret. Poor Ada.

Working on it. The problem is that I deleted about 20k words from the demo as I felt that the childhood scenes were too long. I’m planning to fix the pacing.


Eh she would know by that time that stuff like this is all but common plus we will treat her well not like the poor MC’s mother that is on a loveless(and hopeless) marriage.

I think this story will be interesting. It is a good start for your first story. You need to polish and reread the story. Your sentences and phrases are kind of brusque, but I think you will get the flow of the story after you write more chapters. I think that you try to make your ideas flow at a gentler pace. English is also not my first language. :slightly_smiling_face:
The grammar and structure of the story can be fixed even after you post the chapters. Don’t worry I am certain that the readers will also help you with the mistakes. I also hope in the future to be brave enough to post a demo.


Fixed a lot of typos.

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