Norabi:The Celestial Wars (W.I.P)

Hello everyone, this a new game I’m writing. The demo is not ready yet. Im still working on it :slight_smile: This is not a final thing, it may still change. (I did get permission to use the planet Norabi so I’m super happy!)

You are a teen being raise on planet earth, who is full of special people with super powers known as heroes. While growing up, you have always idolize them and have dreamed of wanting to become one of them. Since until this point you have not manifested any powers of your own. You enrolled in the sidekick program. This is a program geared to train normal everyday people or people with lame super powers to assist heroes or villains on dangerous missions.

At the start of your training you begin to have weird dreams. Dreams that are confusing. Dreams that seem real like flesh, but dreams that have no explanation. Your school plans a vacation trip to Hawaii, which your parents agreed to let you go. Little did anyone know that this trip was to change everything.

While on the trip with you best friend. You two go through a difficult ordeal that makes your powers activate, creating a chain of events that could possibly destroy the whole universe. Within 24 hours the earth is invaded by the sentient arachnid empire. An empire made up of half giant mutant living mechanical tarantulas, who have evil and dark motives. The tarantulas eat some and begin to capture all of the heroes/villains, leaving the earth with only sidekicks to defend it. On your last effort to contact you parents. Your mother gives you orders to go to a hidden place. That is where you find out that you were not born or raise on planet earth and that all the heroes/villains and sidekicks that possess super powers (including you), belong to a planet called Norabi.

Norabi is an ancient and sacred water planet, that is kept apart from any external living planetary beings. It is the birth place of all religion in the universe. It is a planet ruled heavily by tradition. No one except its inhabitant are allowed on the planet and it is also considered a horrible sin to try and leave it. (Punishable by death)

You must now travel back to Norabi to find out who are you, what happened and why did your parents leave Norabi and how is this all connected to the bloodthirsty tarantula empire.

How you handle it is up to you.


It sounds very interesting so far. I do have a question, though; I don’t think I have ever read Norabi. Would I have to read it first before your demo comes out?

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Yet, here you are outside Norabi, better hope that they don’t immediately inflict capital punishment on your ‘return’.


No, this is the first game and all the history will be there.

@Nightgazer Lol what’s an adventure with out danger :slight_smile:

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@AidenCzar Then why did you say got permission to use Planet Norabi?

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Because it’s a planet I created while playing the versus game series when you have to play through the creashon wave episode and since i really love the planet, I asked the author permission to use it.

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Sound like a very interesting game can’t wait to test it out

Overall sounds pretty interesting. I just wonder what kind of super powers will we have? Or do we always have all powers that are available and may choose which ones we use? And can I use super-speed?

Meh I usually use the left side of my brain

Wait so your powers being activated could have destroyed the universe? Is this just for you or does it also apply to every super hero…? If so: The End Is Near.

This actually sounds like it could be a great premise for a story on it’s own! A super hero story where all the heroes have disappeared and the world has nothing but bumbling sidekicks, kids with over-inflated egos and some overworked and underappreciated butlers to save the day! It would be hilarious! :blush:

Okay, now my serious thoughts. It sounds like a really interesting plot for the game, but you mention;

But earlier you said;

It just seems strange to me that a character that’s intended to be a super-powered hero would not discover any of their powers in childhood and instead enroll in a program that teaches people with no powers to be sidekicks. I kind of think it would make more sense for the MC to discover their powers when they’re younger and then be enrolled in a training program for super heroes. (Or at least make them one of the sidekicks with the lame super powers until they discover their true potential.)

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It sounds awesome is there a romance I hope and do we choose our powers

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@Avery_Moore Honestly, the part about the MC powers not manifesting until later in the story reminds me of the movie Sky High.

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This is actually how this story started. It was supose to be about how you got a job as a sidekick for a company who pair them with heroes. It was to follow you on your day working as a sidekick assitant for a hero and how you find out that they are not like the people that appear on tv. All the heroes where supose to be A-holes good for nothing who always take sidekicks for granted, even though they are the ones who do all the work but never get recognition. But then i took it and change it to this.

He she is not intended to be a hero but a sidekick lol (sidekicks are kewl). And see what you are saying, i could have wierd things happen that are related to the powers before the activation.

@Harley_Robin_Evans yes there are two romance options. One human, one none human.

@DJoEisDJoE You only get two type of powers and depending on how your accident goes in the story, is what determines what you get. One power is religion and the other one i wont say it cause people are gonna start complaining about it.


Oh cool! Okay, forget everything I said before, your idea is better. I often find sidekicks more interesting than the heroes themselves. :blush:

I saw the aliens were spiders and I just

I also loved the planet creation in Versus 2, so I think it is really cool you took that and made your own story about it. I would read this, especially for the spiders.


Thought something seemed familiar but couldn’t pin it until you said that then brain said oh my little water element planet