Non-interactive fiction


Heyo! :slight_smile: My little forum tag says I’m a Hosted Games author, but I’m also a book author.

And I’m hosting a giveaway, so yay! If you guys liked Academy of Disaster (which I mean, some amount of you must have– thanks for all the reviews!), you should totally enter and get a chance to win a free copy of my book.

(And well, I wouldn’t complain if someone bought the book either, but the point of this is the giveaway.)

Does anyone else here write non-interactive fiction too? Link to it here – or talk to me about it. Books! :grinning:


Open to the US only (which I can understand for postage reasons) but good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you! It’s not even region locked for postage reasons, it’s for “Amazon is a dumbass” reasons. I’ll have a UK version running later in the month, promise!


Awesome!! I also write normal books but I have never finished anything :(( I have started many and have a million different ideas that I love but I hop around too much with everything… from making choice game stories and normal fiction and making music and busy with normal life and such… I wish I could stick to one hobby. lol.
actually though I know someone who is a crazy awesome writer and has an amazing book on amazon. so I will put the link here.


This very awesome. I have writen two novels but never published them, but have had two books published as a ghost writer.