Non existent variable error

I’m having trouble with a non existant variable error for bullet_roll

I have used the same code endlessly now, I can’t understand why this one scene has the error?

I have defined temp variables at the top as follows:

*temp bullet_roll 0
*temp bullet_damage 0
*temp luckyegg false
*temp lucktest 0

*label set_bullet_damage
*rand bullet_roll 1 6
*set bullets_number - 1
You rolled a ${bullet_roll}
*if (bullet_roll = 6)
	*goto winshot
*if (bullet_roll < 6)
	*rand bullet_damage 1 6
Your bullet caused ${bullet_damage} damage
*set jaguarwarriorhp - bullet_damage
The Jaguar Warrior and Jaguar have ${jaguarwarriorhp} stamina remaining
*if (jaguarwarriorhp < 1)
	*goto win
	*goto jaguar_fight
	*bug *rand rolled outside 1-6, please report to forum topic

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