Noir Style Games


Howdy Everyone I just wanted to talk about that we need more noir style games. There don’t seem to be too many of those.


We already have a thread about Superheroes. Please feel free to post on there.


Sorry my bad I should have just made this discussion about noir games


Please feel free to post your own thoughts about Noir Style games, what you like about them, which games you like, and why you would like to see more. Maybe even some noir movies and books you like. That should at least get the discussion going.


Well for starters I love dark and realistic they simply are. Some of the best books I have ever read even though they were in the modern age such as the Jack Reacher books and harry bosh were amazing. Haven’t too many noir movies to be honest.


I like the Bladerunner computer game. It’s Sci-fi noir. You get to make significant choices in it too. Have you played it?

And Discworld Noir was very enjoyable for me. It’s fantasy-noir, and a parody of Casablanca.

And Emerald City Confidential, seemed to have Noir elements to it as well. It’s based in Oz.


Noir, me not understand :confused:
are they dark hero books/ graphic novels?


(I am not sure if they count as Noir Style games but…)
I really enjoyed “Hotel Dusk” and it’s sequel “Last Window” for the DS. The way you hold the DS, to make it seem like you are reading a book, made it unique to me and the wobbly art style makes it seem like (at least to me) the characters climbed right out of said book. After I borrowed the first game to my sister I did realise that the pacing might be a bit slow for some people but I really liked the slow start.


Noir is kind of in the same camp as hard-boiled detective fiction. Gritty and usually involving crime and with protagonists tending towards the anti-hero side of things.

(I have to confess I kind of want to write a story that begins ‘The moment the dame walked in I knew she was gonna be trouble…’)


I’m not sure if people who know what they’re talking about (unlike me) will agree but the game I’m working on at the moment is my idea of noir mixed with fantasy. I’ve been listening to lots of detective film soundtracks and looking at noir illustrations for inspiration.

I’m an animation student so the visuals are what really grab my attention in noir styled stories. There’s something so addictive about the minimalistic details and strong contrast. For that kind of thing I look up Shawn Martinbrough who’s a great noir comic illustrator. I don’t read his comics, I just stare at his work.


Choice of The Deathless 2 rips its plot straight out of Chinatown, but that’s mixed with fantasy elements as well. There’s a handfull of gangster tales: NOLA Is Burning, Life of a Mobster, and the WIP Vendetta: Rise Of A Gangster. But no classic private eye stories, probably because mysteries are hard to make interactive, and not a whiff of the even-more-prevalent “average Joe gets mixed up in the wrong crowd” type. A shame, I love me a noir and I really think we’re oversaturated on fantasy and science-fiction here. I tried to put together a choicescript noir mystery myself, but it didn’t pan out.