Noblesse Oblige Developer Diary - in Beta!

Force feels right. Force of personality and brute force can both spring to mind, which means I wouldn’t ever feel like I was picking something that didn’t make sense when testing the Force stat.


I think that force or spirit best capture what you want that stat to actually mean.


Spirit worked in CdlC, and if the overlap actually helps people who’ve played the first game understand, why not?


I like Force/Forceful, because to me it carries connotations of both a forceful personality and of direct applications of physical force. The other sort of fall flat for me on the latter aspect, because I don’t necessarily associate physical strength with those traits.

Here’s how I look at it: If you give me the following list of stats, with no more information given about them than the name, and a check to “break through a door” or “lift a heavy object”, which stat would I assume it was checking?

  1. Insight
  2. (Drive/Energy/Spirit/Force)
  3. Finesse
  4. Resilience

Of the four options, Force is the only one that stands out to me as something I’d immediately associate with that kind of check.


Quick question: Early on in chapter one, if I read the options correctly, it looks like you can tag yourself as ace/aro? I say “looks like” because there have been some stories I’ve read in the past where the wording on romantic and sexual preferences was somewhat unclear, so I may have misinterpreted.

It doesn’t particularly bother me, I tend to go no-romance in a lot of stories I read anyhow, but for curiosity’s sake, does this permanently disqualify readers from any romantic and/or sexual engagements, period, or is it just a character preference tag that players are free to live up to or discard as they so choose?

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The way it works at the moment is -

If you select “I’m not interested in kissing or sex at all”, it sets “asexual” to true, it gates off kissing or sexual interactions. You can have an asexual romance with any of the three main characters, you just have a little chat about it when you start the romance.

If you pick a less binary option such as “I’d only want to do that with someone I was very close to”, when starting the romance you can choose options along the lines of “I want to take anything physical at my own pace”/“I don’t know if I’ll want to kiss you, but I might later” which sets a “low physical intensity” variable which slows down physical intimacy progression. With that variable set, you can still sleep with a character later on - the lead up is just slightly different - or you can keep things less physical. In real life terms, someone who picks one of those options may prefer to take things slowly, or may be on the ace spectrum.

It works the same way for the aromantic option. In Chapter 1 there’s a very definite response that’s “Romance isn’t for me” which sets “aromantic” to true and gates off more romantically-emotional interactions - you’re telling the game that you’re not at all into romance. Again you can have an aromantic relationship with any of the characters, you just have a chat about it when getting closer.

If you pick one of the options other than “romance isn’t for me”, when getting closer with a character you can pick something like “I want to be closer with you, but it’s not about romance” which results in a “low emotional intensity” variable where characters are less romantic towards you. If you don’t have the “aromantic” variable set, you can have your character develop more romantic feelings later on or keep it the way it is. In real life terms, this might be someone who is on the aro spectrum or they might not identify that way and prefer something less emotional.

With all of that said, you can also simply say “I want to be friends” and build a close platonic relationship with any of the three major characters. In real life terms, this might be a deep friendship, a nonsexual/nonromantic/queerplatonic partnership, a close alliance, and so on.


I have some nice surprise news. It even surprised me! I’ve completed the first full draft of the game and sent off my marketing descriptions and art ideas!

I am THRILLED. It’s been a breath of fresh air working on something less gargantuan than my other games - as an interactive novella rather than a novel, it’s around 100,000 words and my goal is for it to be a short and intense, and satisfying standalone game. The proportion of strong momentum to tricky middle was so much higher, and overall it’s been a delight to draft. It’s been interesting and fun to really focus in on an intense story and explore different themes and types of plot in the Creme de la Creme universe. (Plus there’s a LOT more physical peril than in Creme or Royal Affairs so far and even some achievements about getting through the game unscathed or being really accident prone…)

The next step will be edits and revisions. There’s a lot of complexity in the latter half especially so continuity is quite a thing. Hopefully it won’t be too long before beta!

edit: which reminds me, please enjoy the public demo while it’s up, as it will be taken down when the official beta begins!


Amazing and congratulations. You’re a machine. It’s incredible how fast you are at publishing your games.

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Aww that’s so kind, thank you! It’s been a long time since Creme came out but my hope is to have two games out in (relatively) quick succession, and I think they’ll be worth the wait!


i just saw on your tumblr that the demo will be taken down when the beta begins. i have no idea how to sign myself up as a beta-tester, is this option still open? i have a lot of time, i’m willing to read it multiple times, i know how to pay attention, and i can read and understand the script :slight_smile:

Beta testing will be announced on the forum with instructions, and I’ll post about it on here too :sparkles: you won’t miss it, don’t worry!


Congratulations! :partying_face: I got hooked on this story right away! I’m really glad you have made such amazing progress with it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Congrats on entering beta testing!

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Thank you so much!

I’m over the moon that beta testing has started for this project (and tickled too that Fay and I have games in beta at the same time!). I’m thrilled to hear what testers think of the completed draft!


I’m one of the testers for your game, looking forward to doing my first playthrough tonight. Before I get started, I was wondering if there’s anything specific you want testers to be looking at, at this point? Anything in particular you’d like us to experiment with or focus on?


Ahhh that’s very exciting, thank you so much! I think in general how the characters feel to you and are they interesting/appealing, and are there points where your interest flags or you’re frustrated as a player (as it’s a short game I want to make sure scenes are doing as much as they can). I’m also really interested in how the main character feels to play!

But as far as paths or experimentation, please go ahead and do what feels right for your character and if there are points where the game doesn’t let you do something that your character would want to, that’s helpful information. Thank you so much in advance, I hope you enjoy!