No selectable options

I’m having a bit of trouble with my project.
Hopefully my coding will explain.

    *selectable_if (wit < 50) #”Your inferior knowledge could use some work...
        *set wit %-25

When I run this, I get the error “no selectable options.” I’ve checked all the stats, I tried capitalizing the stat like it is in startup, but nothing works.
The reason that this bothers me the most is that I used this same exact coding in a separate project (same stat names and everything) and it’s completely fine. Here is the coding from the other project.

    *selectable_if (wit < 50) #My lack of knowledge and attention.  I was winging it the entire time.. most of the teachers were not happy.
        *set wit %-25

Even the part where the stat increases is the exact same code.
Thank you so much in advance!

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Are there any other options?
If so, what is their code?


Your wit is less than 50, and only 1 option available which requires 50+ wit.

Thus, no selectable option.


change one of them to wit >= 50 so that if someone has wit 50 or more it works for them too.

Also, just in case, you only have a single "


There are identical options to this one modified only with the different stats (strength, charisma, and kindness). The coding is the exact same other than that.

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I had a scene before this in which you can raise your wit and all of the other stats (only one can be selected). I want to make it so that you can only choose the bad stat that you didn’t choose for the good stat.
For instance, I don’t want you to be able to say you have great wit, but then be able to choose that you have bad wit.

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I’ll try this out and let you know! Thank you so much ~

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:cherries:Please specify how many total choices you made in that scene. I am guessing you made all of the choices inaccessible through your stats distribution. Like all the choices having <50 stats requirement.:cherries:


Is it possible to not have a stat below 50?

If you keep having problems, you could make a temp denoting which stat was chosen, and then check for that instead.

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The problem is not that you have the same exact coding elsewhere. The point is that you only have one option, unless you didn’t posted the full code, of course.

This will lock you out if your wit is already 50+, unless there’re other available options to pick.

Do you have any other options besides *selectable_if (wit < 50) #TEXT?

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I did do that, but it’s to cover all possible scenarios. I.E, if you chose “strength” as your good stat, I don’t want you to be able to choose strength as your bad stat.

Yes, I do. I have ones like
*selectable_ if (strength > 50) #Insert thing here
It’s to make it so that you can’t choose charisma for your high stat, as well as charisma for your low stat.
Currently, in my forum post, I have this method implemented in my coding. But I’m working on a separate project and I wanted to do the same thing there, but for some reason it’s not working.

Try adding a dumb-choice that has no checks; can be picked no matter your stats are.

This way, you should be able to see whether your *choice grays-out the correct options.

Or post your full code, here. Maybe we can see the error.

Try to manage and edit the stats considering all the choices one can make up to that point. Make sure no player can reach that point with a stat higher than what you need at that scene for them to have. That should fix it.
But if problem persist please post the code of that particular scene and we will see a better solution.
:grapes:Happy coding :grapes:

Finally got a chance to fix my coding and this worked for me! Thank you all loads ^^

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