No new news on the blog


Is there any new news because the blog hasn’t been updated for nearly a month and I was just wondering what’s going on currently.


Last I’ve heard they’ve been working on a title called - Heroes Rise - which will be released relatively shortly, here’s a link to a thread:

Choice of the Vampire Pt2. is also in the works, though I couldn’t begin to guess when we’ll get any further details. Although by the sounds of it a release later this year wouldn’t be too presumptuous …

That’s the “news” I’ve picked up on anyway, I hope it helps :slight_smile:




It’s still rather annoying, I check the blog every day and I’m like a little kid waiting for Christmas, lol just a post about Heroes Rising coming along or something would be great.


Oh, there was something else Jason said: “The Eerie Estate Agent” - ‘Slated for June’
So keep an eye out for that one…


Well, because HR got pushed to June, EEA has been pushed to July.

We’ve submitted HR to Amazon, and are waiting for a release date from them.


Cool! Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:


Other upcoming games: Choice of the Archaeologist, Choice of the Alien, Choice of the Ninja, Choice of the Villain (all of which will probably get new titles), and the Fleet.


Woah o_O
Nice, can we have a stuck thread with a list?
If it’s not too much to ask ^^’
Thank you!


Are These games going to be by new Authors, Old Authors, or are they hosted games?


New COG authors.






@jasonstevanhill You said something like second week of june for HR release, is that still the plan?