Next Project (Interest Check) / Questions about Hosted Games for Readers

Hi all,

Been working on a couple projects for fun. I have a few in the pipeline and was hoping I could get an interest check from you all on which you would like to see next. Please check the ones you would be interested in playing, you can select more than one.

  • Kingdom Simulator (Kingdom and Troop Management)
  • Survival Simulator (Surviving various scenarios in hostile environments)
  • Sci-Fi Space Based Story (Space Ships and Combat)
  • Mercenary Outfit Simulator (Custom Characters)

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Another poll question, Images in Hosted games:

  • I like them, they add to the game.
  • A few images are OK as long as they are within reason.
  • I don’t like them, they tend take away more from the game than add.

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Games with Romance. MC Relationships in particular.

  • The game should have some kind of romance element.
  • The game can have some romance, but only if it fits with the story.
  • I don’t care if a game has romance or not, if the story or mechanics are good, that is enough for me.

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Feel free to add comments or to change topics. This post can be used to delve into what you want in hosted games in general.

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