Next-Gen: A new era


So, if Microsoft is to be trusted, the new Halo nears. I need your opinion on what mysteries you think the trailer holds. While you’re at it, feel free to discuss every other Halo, too. Discuss Assassin’s Creed, Destiny, Call of Duty, etc. As soon as this gets active, there will be a new topic every day.


I hate Xbox


But I love baseball


Well if its on games

Assassins Creed Black Flag on PS4 Is amazing…

I like basketball and soccer


Hmmm…tomorrow we talk NBA 2k14


lol, very excited for the new halo though i still didn’t buy a xbox one yet. Just saving up the money. But hopefully we get to battle that giant thing that we saw in the trailer


Microsoft oh Microsoft I may think the xbox is crap next a PC but they brought the world the fable games and I like that
Remember kids all consoles are crap compared to PC because after you finish a game there’s a magical thing called mods


I actually love Xbox, as I have been with PlayStation and Xbox for all my life. As for Halo, I can’t wait for the new one. I still look at the Reach commercial “Deliver Hope” and still almost shed a tear.


I hear 2k14 is bad because of VC. I stopped buying NBA 2k games once they introduced VC because I knew it was going downhill from there. In other news, NBA Live is the worst next gen game so far.


NBA Live SUCKS!!! There are moments when no one moves, and completely RANDOM glitches! NBA 2k14 is actually good with VC. It lets you buy cool stuff for your MyPlayer, and they pick teams of the week like the team they pick’s equipment is half off. A couple of weeks ago, ALL caps were half off.


Or was that on 2k13 cause I skipped that one and totally regret it


Does anyone know what my profile picture comes from?


Really? How do you screw up an annual rehash sports cash in franchise game? I mean, it’s not like you’re actually making a whole new game or anything. Just lightly update the graphics, the rosters, and if you’re feeling generous add a new feature. Then QA test for the rest of the year. I mean, these companies have been doing the exact same thing for years, you’d think they’d have it down to a production line by now. That’s pretty surprising to read.

As someone who’s owned all three previous Playstation home consoles I’m inclined towards the PS4 over the Xbone, but honestly neither of them is really that appealing to me right now. I have a perfectly good gaming PC, and there just don’t seem to be any worthwhile exclusives. If I wanted to play AssCreed 4 I could get the PC version for a version that (should) be technically superior to the PS4 version.


Though PS4 has MUCH better graphics, I choose the One for Halo.


I have them both, and I have to say that despite my PS4 looking slightly better, i’m having more fun with the Xbox One. I guess at the end of the day, my PC is the place I go for amazing graphics, so what really does the PS4 offer me except a few exclusive games that aren’t out yet? with my xbox I’ve been having fun with all the games on it, even the free ones. And that to me is more important. Heck, I haven’t touched a TV remote since I got one xD

In terms of games I an looking forward to: Halo, Sniper Elite 3, Titanfall and the new Star Wars Battlefront!


Who ISN’T READY FOR BATTLEFRONT?! As for Titanfall, I’m a little “eh” on that game. It looks amazing, but I don’t like such multiplayer driven games.


I know I said a new topic every day, but let’s do weekly topics. As for NBA’s question of the day, name a shot, block, or dunk that received the best reaction by commentators and the other players.


THIS WEEK’S TOPIC IS HALO. EACH DAY IS A NEW HALO. TODAY IS REACH. This week’s What is your favorite game trailer?


Question what is the difference between xbox one and ps4


The exclusive games and PS4’s better graphics. I’ve had an overall more enjoyable experience with the One