News Thread--Update: Sept 19


Hey guys! Here’s the update for Sept 19! Before continuing with the news, though, I’d like to direct people who are able to to donate to help victims of the Mexico earthquake.

I’m moving at the end of the weekend and am going to be busy with school, so expect the next update by Monday.

Got anything to add? Feel free to share!


Thanks for taking the time and energy to organize this thread. It will be good to have a place where we can see all the goings on of the Trump Administration.


You might be interested in this:

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Thank you :slight_smile: . If you or anyone has anything else to add for today, or wish to post anything new tomorrow, feel free! I will edit the original post each day to include new information and what not.

I’ve edited the post to include this, thank you!


First gut reaction, this ones a bit of a mixed bag IF the Federal Government actually respects the States decisions then this one might not be too bad, at least for my state. California has minimum environmental standards well above what the Federal Government (used to) mandate. However some of those Rust Belt state may backslide on regulations in an attempts to bring back manufacturing jobs.[quote=“RedRoses, post:1, topic:23579”]
Steve Bannon, former Breitbart executive chair, has stated that “The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while” and that “the media here is the opposition party”, not the Democrat party.
Ah alas I’ve used up all my ten free articles from the New York Times this month and am unable to read it.[quote=“RedRoses, post:1, topic:23579”]
In the wake of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s cancelled meeting with Trump, Trump is going to call for a 20% tax on Mexican imports in order to pay for the wall.
Hmm disturbing. Correct me if I’m wrong but in order to impose a tariff on Mexico wouldn’t he have to repeal NAFTA first and I am unsure of how much support there actually is to do that.[quote=“RedRoses, post:1, topic:23579”]
The Trump Administration have released details on the refugee ban. All refugee admissions are stopped for the next 120 days, however Syrian refugee admissions are suspended until further notice.
That saddens me that were just turning our back on people.

Is this really the cross he wants to die on?!!? Just like us Democrats have to get over losing the election you need to get over the fact that you lost the popular vote. Ordering an investigation that’s simply a yuge (the official new spelling of the word) waste of time will do nothing for your opinion polls.

Haven’t heard too much on her. Wasn’t she the Governor of South Carolina? Not sure if not hearing much about her is a good or bad thing.


Yeah, when it comes to Cali, I think this is fine, but the states that need regulations the most will simply not do it.

…Now that I know about the NYT free article limit, I will try to avoid using them in the future, sorry!

I’m convinced that it’s less about being the cross he dies on than it is about trying to frame us as liars. I won’t be surprised if the report comes out to say that there was an abnormal rate of illegal votes.

She was. She’s not the worst, but she has no international diplomacy experience.


Well Heavens no we Americans would never hire someone without experience…


I’m so happy this thread exists now because I had no idea this actually happened or had been discussed yet. This brings such sadness.


I suspect that by design all this talk of “alternative facts” and illegal votes tends to be distracting. We are so busy shouting down these moronic petty issues that we’re just letting the big stuff slip by.


The Trump Administration is doing all of this in such succession that it makes it very easy to miss a lot of it, unfortunately.


@RedRoses How do you get your info twitter or some other news source?


Throughout the day, I listen to NPR and check various clickbaity sites so I can make sure to have some sense of knowledge that something is happening. When I get home, I research everything I heard mentioned, as well as look up specific issues and people to see if there are any updates on them, like the comments they have made to media, what they’ve been seen doing, etc. Sometimes I wait until the local news and CBS News comes on so I can see what else they have to add. Sometimes, I also check videos that NBC, CBS, or CNN have uploaded onto Youtube regarding politics, and research anything that the comment sections have made references too.

For the House and Senate votes, I check the Congress website daily.


Wow you’re very thorough.


Not sure why, but I have always had a bit of a weird obsession with researching and compiling things.


I tip my hat to you. You definitely have more motivation and determination then many Americans.


Note that our government will not actually fund that entire shortfall, maybe 50 million tops, the other 550 million dollars will have to come from those 19 other parties somehow.


I bet Trudeau the Younger would jump at the chance to buff up his international image a bit more - if he can find away to justify making the deficit a little bit bigger.

In other news, it looks like that recent flurry of Executive Orders weren’t actually cleared with the people who have to carry them out. It’s becoming clearer and clearer (for those who hadn’t realised it already) that Trump and his inner circle have no idea how to actually govern.


I’m very poorly resisting the urge to sarcastically say “in other news the Sun rose in the east today.”


Proves that even the our most conservative government since the 1940’s is still more socially liberal than the US Republicans. :unamused: On the other hand, much like Paul Ryan, our conservatives are more preoccupied with conservative economics on social issues they’re content with agitating against tobacco and alcohol with new taxes and disgusting images and preventing marijuana from becoming de-jure legal, instead of just decriminalized for personal use, thus denying the state revenue and the people jobs from what could be a whole new growth industry with good, local jobs, if Colorado is any example, while simultaneously denying those funds to criminals.

You think he can? Without taking his shirt off again that is. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well depending on how vindictive Trump wants to be to the states that didn’t vote for him Colorado may suddenly find itself in a situation where weed is illegal again.