Newbie needs some help with setting player name

I’ve been trying for the past thirty minutes to get the custom name thing set for my choice game, I can get through the name input screen just fine. But when I get around to working on either the statistics screen or using the player’s name in the story. It always comes up as ‘Name’.

All I’ve got in the way of being relevant to the player’s name is

*create name "name"
*temp name
*input_text name
They repeat your name again and again, leaving you to shake your head groggily doing your damnedest to stay awake. "$!{name}!" Was that your name?

	#No... that's not it.
		You shake your head, trying and failing to correct them as vibrations sound the earth, small debris rattling off your chest as you say it again only to be overtaken by someone- far more coherent than the shock-affected mumbles from your mouth.
		*goto_scene blooded
	#$!{name}? You remember that name fondly... yes, that must be yours.
		*goto_scene hello_name

And I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s wrong, can anyone point the way for me?

Try the printing syntax, ${variable}.
You might want to put your [name] variable into the *create list. The variable probably doesn’t carry over into the stats screen.

i forgot to add that i have *create name “name” on the startup screen, would that have anything to do with whats going wrong?

If you have it already, then the *temp name isn’t necessary. Try removing that.

it’s telling me now that without it, it’s an ‘invalid set of instruction, no expression specified: name’
should i put *temp name back?

No. Don’t put the *temp back.

Mind posting the whole error msg? It should mention the line where the error occured.
Otherwise, to help troubleshooting it, try renaming the content of the variable to something else than “name”. It can get confusing which “name” the error is reporting: the variable or something else?

*create name "hablah"

ohhh i see my mistake, i blindly left a *set name where the error was, which was line 8

the name is working now! :smiley:

thanks for your aid man, appreciate a bunch!

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Question resolved!