New WiP poll/interest check

I have been a lurker on these forums for quite some time and I am thinking about writing my own story. There will be 2 options.


this will be a zombie survival story
you are on average joe type guy/gal… then the apocalypse happens and everything changes.
Which group will you join? What weapon will you choose? Or will you be a pacifist? Will you stick to killing zombies? Or add some humans in the blender.
Survive, fight, be a kind leader or a plotter in the back grounds will you fight against tyranny or work with it? Who will your enemies be? Choose wisely…

Will you die??
What will you be???..


my parents were villains. On my first “mission” with them I saw what they did. They killed so many innocent people. And I helped them… so after a while I got tired of doing this. So I went to the cops. I sorted out a deal with them: give them my parents and my record would be wiped clean. I accepted. But their trial has been on hold for 15 years. After a while I realized someone didn’t want them in prison. Because they knew something, something they needed…
Bust your parents out of jail or follow in their footsteps or both.
Find out what the person who has been holding up the trial or join him.
Become a superhero that will constantly save the world, or a villain that will always try to destroy it.

  • Zombie
  • Superhero

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If interest is shown then you guys just ask for a bigger summary
And I can’t find a work in progress choice up top so I put it in general tell me if you can find it. Open to suggestions and help.


I don’t think I have enough information on either of the games to vote. Essentially, you haven’t told us much more than, “The zombie game will have zombies” and “The superhero game will have superheros.”

Both genres are very popular, and both CoG and HG have an abundance of zombie and superhero games, so, while I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to seeing more, there does have to be something to the games that separates them from all the others.


That’s what I would say, too.

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Ok I will add more later in a few hours I was held up for time last night I apologize :cry:
I’ve updated the superhero one :smiley:
I think I will do them in the first person way like samurai of hyuga. I know some don’t like that but it just makes it easier to write
Also updated the zombie one


It seems like there is more love for the superhero one so I will think of getting started on a prologue. So exited to play around with ChoiceScript!:grin::grin::raised_hands:

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