New to Choice of Games Recommendations? (And Which Games Are Free?)


thankyou! maybe i try to code something someday. It must be fun! also choicescript is very round when comes to simplicity and practicality of an code.

My two only trouble is that i’m not an native english speaker, and do not know if an story wrote by me would be legible by the norma culta of the english standarts…


@FairyGodfeather I checked all of the games through this site by opening it in “play online” and see if it has an obvious paywall at the first screen which most of them does…
I then opened the ones without a obvious paywall in every single shop offered through the site.
I then mentioned the ones who were pay in one shop and free in another like Choice of Romance which is free in apple and google shop, but you need to pay on chrome webstore.

Thus the ones I’ve mentioned are free to play on CoG site with the play online feature and free in every available shop unless mentioned otherwise…


Mecha Ace what I’ve heard on steam it’s something more than Gundam but that’s their opinion but anyway is me ha ace good??


If you are into gamebooks and choose your own adventure stories I think you would love The Fire Gate.
It is an RPG strategy turn based game that we at Thousand Realms have developed and it is very fun to play.
It can also be played online with your friends. Here is the download link if you are interested. Download for free

We hope you like it! Give it a chance and send some feedback if you want to! :slight_smile:


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What are the best Choice Of games? Both official and hosted? I like the concept of basically all of these, but I’m looking for the games with the most freedom and malleability, with the biggest amount of paths and endings. Nice little touches and good writing are an appreciated plus. Thanks in advance!

Recommendations for Games

If you are looking for freedom and multiple paths, stay AWAY from Heroes Rise. (But don’t think Hero Unmasked! Is part of that. Unmasked is a really really neat game)

Recs? Heart of the House, Study in Steampunk, Tally Ho, CCH.


It really depends on what genre you are looking for. Some stories even though a bit linear are quite good like Samurai of Hyuga series.

But if you like freedom and such, I second Tally Ho and Heart of the House as well.


I would recommend Tally Ho! from Choice’s official catalogue and the Samurai of Hyuuga (trilogy) from the Hosted Games’ roster.

For older stuff, A Study in Steampunk, Slammed, and Mecha Ace! Tin Star, and Zombie Exodus if you’re into zombies.


I totally forgot Mecha Ace. I feel bad since this was one of my first HG game. :cry: I do recommend it as well as Hollywood Visionary. =D

I would recommend Versus series as well.


Mecha Ace is the bomb for sure! I think I need to replay Hollywood Visionary soon however, I forgot about that one. :smiley:


The Lost Heir series offers the most choice in paths to choose,in my opinion.


Choice of the Deathless and Deathless: City’s Thirst are big favorites of mine! Deathless is rather linear and City’s Thirst is more branching, but I recommend playing both even though they’re both technically stand-alone. They have really cool world building and I personally found City’s Thirst a bit hard to understand in the first play-through and Deathless shows how the world works really well and I think that may help a bit (there’s also a related book series called the Craft Sequence)

Zombie Exodus doesn’t really have many plot branches really, but it gives a lot of different types of choices that affect your character stats and a lot (I think 9 specifically?) of endings depending on what choices you made. The sequel, Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven isn’t finished yet, but its character creation is super in depth and it has a lot in store for future parts

And as others said, Tally Ho is also really good :smiley:


Choice of Robots, Tally Ho, Choice of the Star Captain, Study in Steampunk. I’m also currently really enjoying Superlatives, though I’ve not finished it yet.


Hmm… Deathless (both the original and City’s Thirst), Heart of the House, and Study in Steampunk would all be my top recommendations.


You have unleashed the floodgates.

From the CoG roster: Slammed! is a classic I still use as a benchmark for the quality of writing I expect from CoG’s main line, and Affairs of the Court is the only one so far that has thoroughly slaked my thirst for messy entanglements and political scheming. There’s no similar benchmark for Hosted Games, but that’s due to the variety and breadth of material more than the quality.

The rest comes down to preference. Basically, what do you feel like looking into? I could make more specific reccomendations.


Thus far , i had found Tin Star has the biggest amount of paths and endings, and it has the best epilogue as well , with the conclusion of almost ALL characters depending on our path as an US Marshal …

Other good titles i really like are " Heart Of The House", “Tally Ho”, “The Great Tournament”, “Vampire House”, “Unnatural season one”, “Community College Hero” and “Broadway 1849”


Definitely a lot of choices, but you fail/succeed thanks to some pretty steep stat checks from what I remember. Things like that put me off and I didn’t look at the sequel after the first one.


I’m a bit surprised no one’s mentioned Choice of Rebels yet, as it meets all of your criteria perfectly (and is also generally excellent).

I’d also thoroughly recommend Tally Ho and Tin Star.


I’d throw Choice of Robots in, if OP doesn’t mind a more “game-y” take, along with Choice of Alexandria. Affairs of the Court as well, to a lesser extent (you need to go down one branch to continue the story, but the ending explodes outward).