New symbol in my notifications

It’s fine :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t4:
Just think of it as a real life. You won’t invite a random stranger… randomly. Try to send them PM instead.

But then, like RL, some of them will think of you as a weirdo.

I’d looove to send you one… but currently, I want the thread to stay in its slumber
:sweat_smile: :shushing_face:


No problem… I’m really not sure if there is “etiquette” when it comes to the invite option, since I only just found out it existed. :yum:

So you think I’m special too?


@Lycanthromorphic you ARE special you unique butterfly you.

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Aww! You’re so sweet! You can be special too!

I now pronounce you awesome and special. You may now miss the ride.

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