New Survival Game

I’ve been getting writers block with my other games/books I’m writing, so I thought I’d try writing something different for awhile (something I can work on for fun).

This is Survival (the name is WIP), where you’re a human living 200 years after a mysterious virus wiped out most of humanity. Now, as one of the last remaining humans alive, you are trying to survive alone after your parent died four days prior.
Planned for the game is:
Storms (a hurricane, blizzard, rainstorms, a flood, ect)
Multiple camp locations (caves, giant fallen trees, ruins, open spaces, plus more)
Animal companion & a human companion possibility
Train your animal companion! Have them help pull a sled, hunt, or just keep them as company
Craft items to help with your survival! Tools, containers, ect
Travel until you find the perfect home! (This needs to be updated, as the game currently says you need to last a certain amount of time which is wrong)
Keep track of your hunger, thirst, health, stamina, & other attributes
Make or repair clothes, find clothes in ruins, or steal them from the few humans you meet
& more to come!

Because this game is just for fun, I’m not putting as much work into it compared to my other works, but I still have quite a bit. I may plan to publish this or not, I’m not sure. That is entirely dependent on how popular this game is.

Here is a link:


Going to note that it is very short so far & im having a problem w the first day at camp scene that i can’t seem to fix.

(Will make a post about the problem but here it is currently as well)
Expected indent was 2 indent is 4

But if i change that, then more issues appear. The indented line is the text after a choice, ehich then has an *if statement (can’t seem to post it on my phone bit again will make a seperate post in the help section)


This game seems really cool so far! One thing I noticed, when you choose your own name and it says “So your names ____” it should have an apostrophe after the e in names. (name’s)

Shoutout to being the first comment :+1:

I really like the summary, excited to see more :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds good so far I’ll keep this in mind

This game was scrapped, as there were too many variables, too many codes, I could not handle this. Sorry guys.

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Let me know if you ever want me to reopen this, @hexfur.