(New Poll) Anti-Mutant Academy (WIP Demo - Updated 5/13/24)

Play the demo here: https://dashingdon.com/play/pristinemaniac4/anti-mutant-academy/mygame/

In a world infested by mutants, you find yourself attending your first year at Anti-Mutant Academy: a school for teenagers with the intention to teach adolescence how to survive against Mutants and prepare them for their future in the city of Gallandor. Try to live a normal teenage daily life as your sheltered childhood begins to slowly dissipate and the reality of your apocalyptic circumstances are revealed.

In this game you'll be able to:
* Develop relationships with classmates and faculty alike
* Attend classes to learn more about the mutant world and it's monstrous inhabitants
* Romance between a possibility of 6 different AMA students with varying personalities
* Learn more about the history of Mutant Academy and your home, Gallandor City
* Discover the twisted truths of a world that you have been sheltered from your entire life.


How many books will there be in total?

There will be 6 total books in the series…and this is just the first one…oh boy!

How old is the main character? Will they get older as the series progresses?

Your character is 13 years old. You will age 1 year with each book until your character is 18 years old at the end.

Who are the romance options?

3 males— Casen, Diego, and Jay.
3 females— Ruth, Tahlia, and Anni.

Will there be more romance options?

There will be 1 new male and 1 new female romance option each game.

Why is there so much time between updates?

I am so sorry.

Any criticism or advice is appreciated!



I changed the category to Works In Progress for you.

Please let any moderator know if there are other things we can assist you with.


Thank you for the assistance!


It’s a good start and I am looking forward to see more. I would also say it’s interesting, although it’s short at the moment. I will definitely be watching this thread. Good luck and good writing.


…not to go on about the logical connection here but I feel like you might wanna change the name unless you want people to assume that they are mutants and might be upset when they can’t fight giant purple robots with claws and eye blasts and bamfs and flame birds. :rofl: Otherwise this looks interesting.


I can actually agree with Derek’s sentiments about the possible confusion. When I clicked on this, I did half expect that it might be about a mutant protagonist in an academy of mutants. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, since saying something may need a change without offering an idea for improvement is something I don’t particularly like to be culpable of, here’s some further thoughts:
Changing things around for the name might help, especially if you add an additional word in the name somewhere… I wouldn’t personally go with these spit-ball ideas, but two examples of basic changes are ‘Academy Against Mutants’ or ‘Mutant Vanquishing Academy’. Both of these are kinda terrible, though.

My more story-focused feedback is this–what there is so far is really good. I quite enjoy the world building you’ve put into it, and the Intermission feature is a neat touch. I’m looking forward to the development of the four major routes players can choose from–particularly scientist, if that one has the potential to change your story’s world as much as one can hope for. :slightly_smiling_face:
The characters I’ve met on the one route I’ve tried so far have been fairly engaging, too. It’s going to take a bit for me to decide if I like Casen, though… Unrepentant pranksters tend to garner a raised eyebrow from me, but he’s a very cooped up kid, so I’ll cut him some slack and wait to see how things develop for him going forward. :grin:


Welcome back

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I enjoyed mutant Academy I wish you luck and the story


@Checkmate @GamesMaster @Takashi_Shin Thank you all so much for the support!

@derekmetaltron That definitely makes sense, I’ll have to start brainstorming some more creative names that get the idea across :joy: Thanks for letting me know, it’ll probably change by the next update!

@LadyUmbreon89 I think those suggestions are definitely on the right track, I believe I have a new name in mind but I’ll wait to see if I come up with anything else before I reveal it!

Thanks for the feedback! I certainly expected for Casen to rustle some feather which is why I opted to have your relationship with him interchangeable; you’re right in the sense that I do intend to have him develop more with age though so hopefully he eventually has some redeeming features! Either way, there are definitely some more major characters coming along with varying personalities! :grinning:


Looks good so far!

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This looks really interesting so far. :slight_smile: were you inspired by the xmen? That’s my fav comic series. And movies. Lol. Just one caveat make sure that you dont directly copy them. So you dont get fined or something.

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@lokidemon007 Thank you!

@StarWarsMaster Appreciate it :grinning: I have seen the original X-men movies and I did enjoy them, however I see this series as more so the opposite. Instead of an academy aimed towards enhancing mutant abilities, it’s a school meant to protect society against the mutants…the game’s name will definitely be less misleading by next update :laughing: Thanks for the heads up though, I’ll keep that in mind!


I agree that the title is misleading. Something like “Anti-Mutant Academy” or similar will do.

Anyway, good story/game so far :wink::+1:t2:

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Ooh, that might be the one! If I end up going with that title then I’ll definitely give you credit!


Here is a title option… How about The Super Academy for Higher Learning?.. it would play into the super powers with the mutants knowing the truth. While the average person wouldn’t see it?. Hmm I actually might use that myself… if I ever write again which I cant.

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I will put a lot of effort to be a traveler. Because I don’t want to stay in one location. I Iwant to see the world.

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Lol, you had me tricked with the title lol, anyways I hope you have a blast writing the story, take your time and have a good time writing it.


Just some suggestions here
I think chase and casen is just too close in name for two main characters
U need to rename one
I think there should be 6 different classes with some classes name and roles changing

Scavenger- as is

Travelers - should be change to Diplomat

Guards - should not be hunting mutants but instead gaurding the city , they still can go on patrol and might see a one or two mutants and take them down.

Scientist - probably could change to scholars as there might be engineers,historians etc. In that field and they might not really be inventors like scientist so saying Scholars could give us readers a wider vision.

Soldiers- these are the true hunters and are definitely sent into battle to kill mutants, also do other jobs like search and rescue,escorts etc.

Knights - these are commanders in the army, they are selected by having 3-4 talents for eg. They could be a scavenger,soldier,scientist base off their skill that they showcase
So these person’s are more like nobles after graduating and are normally given high positions in the army.

There should be exams after your first year of study, you should be tested across all field to place u in a program.
Average students normally have 1-2 talents (most) of the school population
Higher class students have 3-4 talents (this makes up about 10% of school population)

There is the big 4 that has 5-6 talents and a lot of person has tried but only these 4 person’s has ever done it , the closest person yk that have come the closest is your teacher Mr.laing , he has 4 talents and merely miss out and a 5th

Hope take this in consideration to give your storyline a more broader view


Saying super is misleading as well , persons might think their character have powers and will end up disappointed with seeing that their character is normal average kid


Well it doesn’t have to be super… lol I just couldn’t think of a right term. I was also thinking of people like Fraser or sherlock.