New Phone. Can't find App.

Hey there. I had my old phone for quite some time. On it I had an app where I would open the forum with. I am unable to find it again and wanted to ask for help in finding it. So if someone could help that would be nice. And I am using an android device.

Thanks in andvance. :grin:

Any time you have this sort of issue, you’ll want to email Choice of Games. The forum is meant for beta testing Hosted Games, so it’s likely that CoG will miss your inquiry or us fans and authors simply won’t be able to help you.

Do you mean the Discourse app?

If you visit a page enough times, your phone will give you the option to create a link to the homescreen. The format of the webpage will be slightly different.

I think this is probably what you had, particularly if you have Android.

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I thought about it at first. But my description was very cryptic. So instead of probably bouncing messages back and forth with just one person I believed that more heads are better. Sorry if this upset you in any way.

Yes! Thank you! That was it. Used google to speed up the process. Thanks again.