New Nightmode option

I just want to say thank you. As a person who spends probably 90% of their day in crap lighting, or reading at night, I fully appreciate the fact that I don’t get that sense of vertigo from looking at text on a pure white screen. Just… wish my work would incorporate such…


Oh… And this was about the whole dark background thing… if that wasn’t apparent… Is there a way to do that to the forums? Cause that’d be great.

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I use the Dark Reader extension for Chrome. It lets you make any website dark as necessary…

I would also suggest getting f.lux, it’s a program that makes the light of your screen warm at night, so it doesn’t hurt your eyes, or keep you artificially awake.
It really helped with my headaches.

If you’re not on a PC, I can’t help. :neutral_face:

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Android f.lux currently only support rooted-phone, it seems.

Howevere, there’re also a lot of “Bluelight Filter” apps you can find for smartphones.

iPhone 8. I noticed the feature on some of the book apps I bought but I realized I can’t read them on the site if buy from app store. I have unlimited data so I am buying from site only now.

I’m a gamer so I can’t go messing with things like that randomly. I dunno how’d react. And I just remembered I can change my Window colors… but that’s universal. :confused:

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