New Music and New Bands?


@HornHeadFan, it seems we may be the last generation of classic rock, unless we take action! It does get annoying when no one has heard of that sort of music, considering the actual skill and talent behind it. Not saying ALL new musicians lack talent… Just a lot of them.

Does anyone imagine a soundtrack for their story?

Many older musicians do, too. The reason people often say, “Man, the 60s/70s/80s totally had the coolest music, man,” is because they’re only thinking of the “good” music from those periods.


@Samuel_H_Young makes a good point about the old crappy bands having been long forgotten. BUT…this is what I generally ask younger folks about the newer musicians…

“What band/singer/rapper/etc who emerged on the scene from 2000 to today will still be relevant in 20 years, meaning tours, Hall of Fame, etc?”

I’m really at a loss as to who it would be. I mean, who is the next Madonna or Elton John or Springsteen or U2 or hell, even Foo Fighters, i.e., someone oozing with talent and songwriting ability who will be entertaining us two decades down the road?


Linkin Park, definitely. And Slipknot, Marilyn Manson and Korn, too, although they debuted in the 90s (I just think it’s unfair not to mention them.)


Seconded, Linkin Park is awesome. Korn’s music scares me, I can’t listen to ten seconds without freaking out :stuck_out_tongue: and Foo Fighters is a great band, I recently discovered them.


That’s part of why they’re so successful. :wink:


I have about 500 songs on my ipod and it is still growing so i wont name them all


I guess Jay-Z and Beyonce both got their start in the 90s, but Kanye West is this millennium. Elbow and Arcade Fire are fantastic pop musicians with demonstrated staying power. Coldplay will still be touring to an avid fanbase in the 2030s despite getting worse with each album. The National, by contrast, just get better and better. And, whether or not they’re selling out arenas, I predict I’ll still be enjoying what Sufjan Stevens, Imogen Heap, Iron & Wine, Sigur Ros, and the Mumfords are doing in a decade or two – at least as much as I enjoy U2s output now relative to their glory years.


@Samuel, you make me worry for the future in so many ways


That’s nice.


I also find myself listening to Heart Shaped Glasses (The Heart Guides the Hand) by Marilyn Manson when reading Guenevere. xD (This was supposed to be the for HornHead’s “soundtrack” thread but I guess it fits better here or something. o_o)


I’ve been on an old kick lately. Put on a handful of Joan Jet on my play list. As for more modern icons though, hm? Hollywood Undead (2005) might not be to everyone’s taste (think Eminem), but sometimes it’s cathartic to use anger rather than bottling it up. Let see though, more modern rock? How about Sister Sin (2002)? Or The Pretty Reckless (2009)? Been listening to a few Japanese things too. BABYMETAL (2010) has recently splashed onto my play list.

You know what, how about I just litter the rest of this posts with links and let you make up your own mind?

Hollywood Undead - Young
Hollywood Undead - Undead (Nightcore Version) (Explicit)
Sister Sin - Sound of the Underground
Sister Sin - End Of The Line
Sister Sin - Fight Song
The Pretty Reckless - Going To Hell
The Pretty Reckless - Heaven Knows
The Pretty Reckless - Messed Up World (Explicit Version - Fucked Up World)
BABYMETAL - Gimme chocolate
BABYMETAL - Head Bangya!!
BABYMETAL - Onedari Daisakusen


Katy Perry is the only musician in history to have as many singles from one album as Michael Jackson.


Sister Sin is a wonderful name :smile:
I enjoy very much the new lineup of Arch Enemy (the front woman Alissa White-Gluz has a great voice and is a vegan).
When I am in the mood for something softer, Rihanna and Eminen keep amazing me.


Robert Ellis’ ‘Still Crazy After All These Years’ is set on repeat mode on my iPod. Beck’s album called ‘Morning Phase’ is also pretty good, with its skeletal songs almost mesmerizing you.