New Hosted Game! "The War for the West" by Lucas Zaper

The feast at Dullis triggers at the 27th of the first month.

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Hi guys, wanted to ask if its possible to have multiple romances or marriages/polygamy in this game? For me it’s tough because sometimes I’m only able to unlock Danna’s marriage/romance before the war so not sure if that will limit my options going into the war and beyond.

Multiple romances yes. Multiple marriages no or at least not yet. You may have just had the invasion come early. You could try just ignoring Sielcner for a while and that should give time for some more options such as from Hold Court.

Ah thanks for the reply! What are some of the romances vs marriage so I can try for those instead of marriages first, is there a guide anywhere for multiple romances vs marriage?

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This really should be a FAQ.

Thanks, so those relationship and flings can happen even with a marriage? And in the “can marry” list you can only choose one?

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Yes to both questions so far as I know. You can get engaged to one person and then marry someone else though. The first person predictably will not take it very well.

How can we kill the sanctified at the holy capital

Isn’t all “Hold Curt” events doable before Noyedas would attack? Tho that might not be the case if MC spends time on training skills too? (I admit I tend to play with cheats bc I’m too lazy for a vanilla playthrough).

@Saswat_Pani I think we can’t kill them in this game. Our best bet so far is to take the visions as a warning and escape. I tried all possible options (and since I play with cheats my MC had all skills maxed out), but all lead to the death of MC and since it was just a vision back to squere one.

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If you focus on Hold Court, I think they would all be doable before any attack. I tend to do a lot of skill training once I get certain events that I wanted and just ignore Noyedas if need be.

I replayed the game many times and still cant figure out how to get to ealhal for a tribunal. I have some options at the summit about that but well it’s always grayed out

If I recall correctly, going to Ehael requires: Secure the fallen star. Make a sword out of it. (Probably a good idea to have the material studied but not technically needed for Ehael.) Equip the resulting sword if it is not already equipped. Hunt something wicked (so wait on this hunt until you have correct sword). Bring the abyssal corpse back with you. Give the abyssal corpse to the inquisitor when asked. Then you get invited to Ehael to be tested.

We can marry Jenneth as a woman? Seems a bit unfair that a male MC can’t marry a man, do you think this could happen in the second installment though, author? Also I really appreciate how you literally made incest an option, althought I wouldn’t do that i appreciate how it suits the theme of the game and how you had courage to write about it, i once asked on a forum if they would be turned off from books if they had incestuous characters who aren’t psychos like they are usually portrayed and I was called a pervert and that was my fantasy and other thins like that only because I said that I personally wouldn’t care if X and Y were in an incestous relationship as long as it was consensual


You can propose to her as a woman at the end. Jenneth deems it insane when you first suggest it to her because you’re both women. So at least there’s convincing involved because the idea is not normal in the setting.

If you are a man it will be hard, but if you are a woman, it will be harder to convince her. Because you know spoiler

I guess we’ll be able to have same-sex marriage is in the sequel. After all, we are able to create our own religion in this one. That’s just my guess though and we’ll have to wait to see how it goes.

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Can anyone tell me exactly how to beat Noyedas? I’ve tried four times now. Am I not supposed to defend my keep? Am I supposed to go fight him? It doesn’t seem to matter because no matter what I do I’m always forced to fight his whole army and get stabbed in the heart no matter how high my combat skill is.

How large was your army at the time? It is possible to beat Noyedas both defending your keep and facing him in the field. In my experience, it comes down to number of troops on your side. I personally recruit non-stop until the first unfavorable recruitment happens at which point I stop. I prefer to train as many archers as possible and I find that the archer-heavy army works better defending the keep. Do make sure to hire the mercenaries since they’ll simply join the enemy otherwise. The mercenaires will still switch sides if they think they could swing the tide of battle. As long as you are far enough ahead, they stay on your side though.

So basically get a shit ton of archers and hire the mercenaries?

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I think all you gotta do is make sure your army is pretty big/have good morale, high combat is good too. Managed to beat him while outnumbered 2 to 1 on the field with 60-70 combat with a few good tactical choices. Alot of my named chars died tho

@Kalpana Oh, well thats good, i thought having named chars like Gambert and Sister Myra in your army at the time increased your chances of winning and that they made a difference. Are you saying they dont make a difference right now?

@Catapult How did you get that many troops? Best i could muster was 3000+. Unless im wrong, the way that recruiting and training works, you wont be able to get many Man at Arms and Archers and will at best be able to spam Militia at them.