New Hosted Game! "Relics 2: The Crusader's Tomb"—Adventure, archaeology and a deadly race for glory

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I’m assuming the Beretta is the 92FS variant?

Can you raise stats above 10?

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The absolute “level cap” is 14, but that won’t affect you: you can’t get it that high in Book 2, and the 14 limit only comes into play in Book 3!


Could someone let me know what the answer to the pentagon/triangle/square/cross/circle puzzle is? I’ve gotten pretty much all the puzzles down except this one, and it’s driving me mad that I don’t understand it at all (': bonus points for having accidentally left behind Maria in my latest playthrough, so no skipping it

IIRC it is about increasing order of number of straight lines in these figures. So Circle, Cross, Triangle, Square, Pentagon is the correct answer.

That wasn’t right. I can’t figure out that one or the column puzzle either

Is there a guide for the puzzle answers I haven’t been able to figure out the last two nor find the correct answers

What is faster, a train or a fast car?


From Paris to Venice, the train is faster.
From Romania to Istanbul, they are equally fast.


And from Czechoslovakia to Romania?


Equally fast.


I have a thought linked to the affinity of certain individuals to alien artifacts and those characters who possess it with their lineage

Since the headdress of the High Priest of Israel, was the one that had affinity with the Urim and Turim stones and the affinity of Jesus Christ to the Carxita made me think, who of the Israelite people have ancestry from the Most High?

Apparently, in fact, the only ones designated to use the headdress of the High Priest is intended for members of the Tribe of Levi, just as Moses and his brother Aaron were from that tribe, they could consult God through this interaction, they make me think that members of the Tribe of Levi have the alien essence in them and that is why they could interact with the powers of the Stone

And on the other hand, Jesus was a descendant of the tribe of Juda and was able to interact with the stone without danger and I speculate that David also did it when he rescued these relics from the Philistines and the same for the prophet Samuel who was from the tribe of Levi, appointed David as King of Israel.

These facts conclude for me to know that those descendants of the tribe of Levi and Juda had affinity to this alien lineage. But it makes me think that this lineage is not due to its origin in Abraham but in the family of one of Jacob’s wives, Leah.

In the bible it is never mentioned who or who are the mothers of Leah and Rachel, so perhaps in the town of Laban where Rebekah’s brother lived, he could, like Jacob, have many wives as was customary in his town (According to his words) and right in the mother of Leah there is an alien lineage that was transmitted to 6 of the 12 tribes of Israel and just Juda and Levi are two of the children that Les had with Jacob and that alien essence was spread to their descendants of said tribes and perhaps even at the time of Dr. Spillane’s story there is still like that film director, that Hindu prince or our archenemy.

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Amazing game love

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Ok I love these games but for real I need at least ONE instance where I can tell my useless compatriots to watch.the.fucking.entrance.

I am sick to death of putting a lot of points into gunplay, and carrying around an arsenal sufficient to supply the Normandy landings, for some dipshit to come up behind me and surprise me just as I solve a puzzle.

Also my character has killed, at this point, dozens of Triad gangsters, Chinese secret police, Italian cops, Nazis (I’m pissed that Himmler got away), a vampire and her weird cannibal friends, one Soviet NKVD agent (unwillingly), and who knows how many weird cultists. Letting Gainza just walk away into the jungle at the beginning was waaaaaaaay out of character for the good lady Dr. Spillane.

edit: Esme, WHAT THE FUCK!?


Gotta honor those action movie tropes, I guess!

Ah, he had to live. Since the Nazis took a bit of a back-seat in this one, I needed someone to fill that “instantly hateable enemy” slot!


I totally get it but still, the MC is clearly deaf. I guess from shooting all those Nazis…


I caught two bugs on my recent run:

During chapter one, you cannot choose the historian option because the code is incorrect; it currently says:

*selectable_if (specialism = “Historian”)

when it should say:

*selectable_if (historian = 1)

Funnily enough, this must mean that historian is the least used specialism since this is the first chapter and nobody has said anything for close to a year.

The second was if you ask Rémy if he’s been drinking, then turn him down, it will still go to his sex scene.

Besides that, everything has been pretty good; thanks for making the game and good luck with publishing Relics 3 and working on Shadowrun!


Hmmm. I think this should still work (due to inefficient coding back in the first book, I set up two different ways of identifying specialism). But I’ll take a look at it when I get home, and also look into the Remy thing. Thank you!

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My mistake, I just realized I picked a different specialism (Historian is my default); here is the code for Rémy:

*if (available = true) #"You've been drinking, Rémy."
                "Sure," he says. "But look at me. Do I seem drunk now? Our thrilling adventures have sobered me up. I promise you, I'm well aware of what I'm doing. And of what I'm offering. So what do you say?"
                You study him. His words are no longer slurred. His hands are steady and, when he walked over to the bench with you, he was entirely composed and stable. He seems fully compos mentis.
                    #Go home with Rémy.
                        *goto remysex
                    #Turn Rémy down.
                        *goto remysex

Unless I’m misunderstanding something, the second option should turn him down.

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