New Hosted Game! "Relics 2: The Crusader's Tomb"—Adventure, archaeology and a deadly race for glory

Tbh I struggle with these riddles I mean one solution was D.E.F.A.C.E.D a word I never heard of… Now I stuck in the tomb of Paris and try to solve that thing…

The Paris riddle isn’t actually very complicated. All the information you need is on the map itself. And once again, if a puzzle is spoiling your enjoyment, just skip it (that’s literally what the “skip puzzle” option is for!) I’ll give you a progressive solution below:

The poem says that Sir Simon went “to Eurus”. Can you find the word “Eurus” on the map anywhere?

Look at the winds on the map. Can you find the word “Eurus” anywhere?

The map tells you that Eurus was the south-east wind in Greek mythology. So select “apply a filter”, select “direction from Paris”, select “south east”. That will narrow down your list of cities quite a lot.

The poem talks about “the second beast”. Can you see any beasts on the map?

Look at the animals. There are four of them depicted. Which is the second?

The second beast is the lion. Go to “apply a filter”, select “associated animal”, select “lion”.

The poem talks about a weeping saint. Can you see any weeping saints on the map?

Look at the pictures of the saints. Only one of them is depicted weeping.

Go to “apply a filter”, select “associated saint”, select “St. Mark.”

If you have all three of the filters correctly selected, there will only be one city left, only one city which fulfils all of the details of the poem. That city is Venice .


Thank you I already figuert it out after my very first try was Lucky then I Got behind this its good that you provide a skip option but I can’t skip because that means I would miss some content :slight_smile: and I want to get 1 playthrough with solved riddles

I guess the thing with the riddles is to Point your clues right if you understand what’s asked you get behind it rather quickly but like I said it’s not always ez because I didn’t know the word ‘’ Defaced’’ just an example

All in all its a very good adventure story my Spillane isn’t the best fighter but it’s nice that you can always trick the people looks like these henchmen aren’t the brightest :slight_smile:

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Hehe, yes the baddies are typical action movie henchmen, which means 1) they’re not very good at shooting, and 2) they’re dumb and easy to trick!


Also, separate note, a new update got pushed which should fix the problems when using markets after a chapter restart!


Just bought the stimulants and now I cant help but laugh at how my spillane is basically gonna be tripping balls on amphetamines for the rest of this story

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If I remember correctly, this used to be somewhat different than it is now when you first revealed it in the WIP. It was harder then, I think.

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yaassss!! FFS!!! I literally got a small heart attack i won’t lie as soon as I saw relics 2 on the page of hosted games on play store (where I keep going always to see the new games) I was waiting for it soooo eagerlyyyy​:heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heartbeat:i have downloaded the 1st part with the 2nd one to read continously :grin::grin:cya after reading both of them :hatched_chick:


Scripted Death for one of them like some of CoG games

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So I’ve been looking over the endings with the guide above because I’m curious for endings and got to “Losing State”.
So they’re like “Game Over, try again” endings or just endings where we lose the competition and the game carries on? Some of them look interesting and I wonder if they have a chance to be carried over on the chance a third game happens.

EDIT: Never mind, haven’t scrolled up far enough. Time to make multiple saves then!

EDIT 2: Any chance for us to repair our friendship or become friendly rivals to Maria? Or that’s a long gone thing?

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If you betray her at the end of Book 2 , you take a very heavy relationship hit with María. It’s possible to build it up a bit in the third book, but prob not enough to get the relationship!

I just tried all available dialogue options I had to convince her to give up, and when after all of it she still insisted in taking the lion’s share of the prize (even though she helped in nothing and dismantled my car after Germany), I just shot her with the Amazonian’s dart gun (once again proving Dominique is the best).


Also, please, please PLEASE tell me there’s a chance in Relics 3 to tell Maria “You know, I COULD have shot you with a real gun. That was an option I had on the table.”


This helps for non-English speakers.

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Is there a guide to compelete the journey in 32 days or less (fatest route)? I always end up on the middle route.

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Don’t stop for anything optional (no markets, don’t help Zhu etc). Take the two big shortcuts (getting Stevo to fly you to Germany, and taking the airship to Istanbul). Otherwise, always pick the fastest transportation option (usually a fast vehicle).

Middle Route is the best anyway. You get to see all the side plots and can still win the race.


But how else am I supposed to get a Dracula bobblehead? :frowning:


Do you know? In this adventure where I took Zhu with me on the trip and the meeting we had in Paris reminded me a lot of the one Alexander Von Humboldt, Carlos de Montúfar and Aime Bonpland had with Simón Bolívar in said city in 1804. A German explorer of whom in His thirties dazzled the young Peruvian girls of the Spanish Viceroyalty, but he also captured the interest of his host’s son in Quito.

Why would a mere philosopher like Ontufar go on a scientific expedition with the German? He had no aptitude to contribute to the expedition but they were close friends. I say this because Humboldt’s sexuality has been debated since the 19th century, as well as the insinuations and rumors said by other jealous intellectuals that he chose this Ecuadorian aristocrat over other intellectuals who would contribute better to the expedition.

A couple who had rumors of their love in a meeting with a real historical figure who would be nicknamed “The Liberator of the Americas” in the city of lights. Even Bolivar once said that “The scientific discoverer of the New World, whose study has given America something better than all the conquerors together” (Referring to Spanish conquerors such as Hernán Cortez and Francisco Pizarro)

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Are the Beretta and the Mauser different?