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Kinda guessing here, but I think it’s just that each species is a collection of loosely aligned nations. Like, the DSF is a sort of UN type deal with Earth as the central power, and a lot of the aliens’ home worlds are members but not every faction is.

Like with Luum, her particular faction’s capital is on Europa. That doesn’t necessarily mean the whole species answers to that government. I’d need to know the details of her ending to know how that all works though since there were mentions of annexation of the DSF. Maybe they’re part of two federations? Like they have nobility ties to the rest of the kingdom and have a bunch of feudal relations that make them a part of that country, but legally, the DSF is in charge?


It’s not that “the DSF” has the races. It’s that not every member of every race is part of the race’s polity, whatever it is. Your friends from back home? They’re DSF citizens of other species, and the only ones who have a problem with that (at least for the Aurellians; other species are less accepted to varying extents) are the Purists. Only the Orroks are fully part of the DSF, aside from the ones who are Reticulan totally-not-slaves.

The Klingon Empire isn’t part of the Federation, but Worf is a Federation officer.

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If you are always winning duels, you can get the ending, other wise, there is a bug in the game

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What traits are best associated with mechanics/engineering?

If I play a Linnera, can I become queen?

I did win all of my duels though. I received the message allowing me to challenge the leader, but I didn’t see the option. Also, I don’t think that’s a bug since you need to be a champion to issue challenges.

No, you can’t. K’lk will become queen if you complete his story.

Traits and skills aren’t used together much. Intelligence helps you build more skills at one point, thassit.

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So, what to the other traits do? I think I recall strength being used once.

Various checks. If you’re not cybered or synthetic, I recommend getting 40 Willpower for one mandatory mission-critical check. Perception’s also pretty broadly useful.

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Found this an incredibly engaging game and loved being able to save the galaxy in so many various ways that I never even thought of! Great work, I still need to go back and try to get all of the other paths too :smiley:

I do find having so many different achievements for different variations of babies a bit redundant though, and it doesn’t seem having one variation or the other matters much in the grand scheme of things aside from flavour text? It makes it feel more like a checklist than an achievement lmao since it’s not as hard to get playthrough-wise


If this is the one I am thinking of, Kyle can also get you past this one if you have them with you.

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One thing I genuinely want to know that I think only Lucid can answer: Who was behind the bombing of your childhood station? The Purists deny it with a semi-plausible justification if you go with them, but given their history they still seem like good suspects.


Oof! That first choice hurts my heart :frowning:

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Which choice?

Lmao I just skipped out on the whole war :joy:. After the mess with Kyle my mc was just like bye.

It really hurts after you get the full context, when you choose a captain to die.

The very first one. When you choose someone to sacrifice.

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I think that might be a possible DLC for races after the Possible Paradox DLC

DId you choose to challenge the Apogee?