New Hosted Game! "Keeper of the Day and Night" By Brynn Chernosky

Found this amazing series a few days ago and now im addicted. Fantastiskt humor to :slight_smile:

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Hello! I’m usually more active on tumblr than in here but I felt the need to stop by and said how much I loved the game :two_hearts: I had waited months for it and it was completely worth it! The entire plot is brilliant, especially the pacing of the story! The world building and characters are incredible too; I honestly have lost count of the amount of times I have played it already, and everytime was as exciting as the first!

After playing every route I can say Leon’s is without doubt my favorite. One wouldn’t expect it but it’s extremely angsty and all I wanna do is put him inside a blanket fort and protect him (honestly tho, his route had me sobbing at least 3 times).

I think that without doubt this is one my favourite cogs, so thank you so much for creating such an amazing work Brynn :purple_heart:


Sorry but is this a sequel or a stand alone?

sequel. The first game is Keeper of the Sun and Moon its also great



Well I only have one question. Is my progress saved if I want to start a new character after completeting the entire game or is it lost? Or is it as simple as presing play agein?¿

There is no clear answer to find or im just dumb and missed it somehow.

Sincerly someone to addicted to stop ^^.

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Hi, your previous character will not be saved unfortunately. The save function will be available once Book 3 entered the publishing queue. Once you are on the “play again part of book”, you have to replay again once the save function is available and sadly your previous progress has been erased.


Well thats sucks but atlest it means i can start some new character with this. Thank you.


If I am being totally honest. Recently I’ve been downloading both hosted games and choices of games apk… but I haven’t been able to finish them. Yesterday after my hiatus break (from the internet) I logged into my account. I was surprised when I saw the second book in the series. I thought this would have been a painful experience… but man! I couldn’t put down my phone. This makes me look forward to the next book in the series. Keep up the good work.

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This a great game series I count this as one of my top 5 cog/hg series. I haven’t finished the second one yet as I had to play the first game to get my charecter back. I just got to the speaking french part and I was wondering if you used google translate on it or do you speak French

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Hello! First, congratulations to beloved author for the great book series. I love it! But, I have to ask;

Can we resist Davina’s empath power during Astrid try to get a closure from her?

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Nah the author said on tumblr that there’s no way to resist them.