New Hosted Game! "Demon: Recollect" By B'athala

This got to be one of my favorites!

Can’t wait for the next one!

Also can anyone tell me who can i romance with?

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I really likes ember’s reference to Seven Deadly Sins Escanor. Praise the fucking Sun! :laughing:


Of course i was talking about the romance by this book standards which means flirt if that’s what your asking.

Alright lemme change my question.
Who can i flirt with and maybe unto the sequel can be a full romance relationship

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That question can only be answered by the author himself/herself, I’m afraid.

But if you ask me I would say you will be able to romance all of them.

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Lol apparently yall haven’t romanced Blur


Guys anyone has a guide of choices to get brutality/finesse to 70? It caps at 69 no matter what for me, very frustrating to keep restarting the game and not being able to reach it.

You can ask the author on his tumblr Here

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Who and what is Felanari and what is their connection to Ares.

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Pardon my confusion, but I am absolutely lost when it comes to the beginning of the game. Everything happens so fast.

Is somebody willing to do a rundown of what’s going on until the moment you meet Lucifer after your roommate’s death?

I’m probably more lost than the MC when they first woke up lol. This game does look promising, so I’m just really trying to wrap my head around it.


So all honesty I love this story. I love villans especially the hero of the story villans. I love the superpowers everyone has, there unique abilitys you would not think of. And I love the humour in it.


Does anyone know how to beat Grim on the rooftop fight?

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how do i release azazel at the fight? the option was greyed out for me at that scene

Raise demon stats. There should be a guide for how to do it on tumblr

can this game be played on pc or just android