New Games&Retiring game making legend?


What it is… what it is!!! :slight_smile: been awhile guys and gals!! Haven’t been on for some time now… anyways… I just wanted your guys thoughts on what game I should pre order??? Or just games you would like me to try out… :wink: I was thinking of games like Mass Effect 3 and Rage… those are two good games coming out…also Kingdom of Amalur:Reckoning… So yeah leave your comments here!!! Thanks!!! (Just got done paying off Elder Scroll Skyrim)

Quick Fact:Ken Rolstan(creator of open world rpgs and lead designer for morrowind and oblivion) is retiring after he gets done making Kingdom of Amalur Reckoning… sucks that he’s retiring… but dam I would too after all the money he made from oblivion and morrowind… lol :stuck_out_tongue:



I recently completed Dragon Age II, and loved it to pieces. Would definitely recommend, if you like a good story with lots of conflict, foreshadowing, and really cool fighting animations. (Dragon Age: Origins is also really good)


Hey, don’t cut out the tabletop credits. Paranoia needs love too.

I’m curious, was Rolston the designer for the early stages of Morrowind when the game was essentially Daggerfall 2, or was he bought in when they decided to retool things?

Amalur sort of scares me in it’s presentation of itself. “Hey look! Salvatore’s writing the plot! McFarlene’s doing the art! The guy from Oblivion is doing the combat and it’ll be like Diablo only fun and stuff! Hey! THIS GAME HAS CELEBRITIES YOU GUYS! BUY IT!”

That’s dangerous. Wrapping a game around a cult of personality assures it’s 70-90 score on Metacritic, no matter how horrible the game actually is, it’ll automatically get a good rating simply for being flashy and filled with names.

But I’m being negative, just to be negative. Maybe the game will be exactly what we need- an open world with choices that actually impact the game world?



I would have to say Get Dragon age 1 if you don’t have it. Buy dragon age 2 only if you want the sequels celebration right now. I know from most of the discussion broads on Bio Ware community and my own opinion that it was not as good as the original when it comes to story and diversity. The combat is better but still was a slight disappointment. The best part of the game was the ending. When there is a “big revel” that only shows the game is just setting up the third one.

Mass Effects a decent game but i would only pre-order if it was worth it.

Uncharted 2 is coming out and that game looks amazing I bought uncharted one just so I could play the second one.


I think DA1>DA2 but only by the smallest fraction, due to the fact that I enjoyed DA1 a LOT more, [I’ve played over 600 hours of it.] and I can’t bring myself to play DA2 the third time, just for the trophies this time. D:
Although DA2 improved incredibly on everything, I actually didn’t mind the chess-board-like gameplay of DA1.
EDIT: I mean everything as in generally ._.


@MrYoungzman Thank you I had thought you had gone insane without that edit comment. I thought the reuse of dungeons a little excessive.


@cool74 uncharted 2 came out a long time ago. I’ve had it for about a year now. Don’t you mean uncharted 3?

But I agree. Uncharted isn’t an RPG, but it’s really great. I also recommend infamous 2, because its looking really good so far.

Edit: I forgot to mention that mass effect 2 was by far one of the greatest games I have ever played, so I do believe preordering mass effect 3 is worth it.