New games for girls


anygames orles filles m’aiment


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You mean games created specifically with a female audience in mind? Not around here. Every time the topic of a monogender game comes up things get…prickly, which is understandable. It’s a difficult topic.

You should try otome games.


male games are so war like we need love stories and princess and queen games


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otome ?\


I honestly can’t tell if this is serious, or a very very sexist joke. I am leaning more in the direction of a insult… Or atleast it can come off that way. Like easy bake ovens and etc.


s’il vous plaît garçons soyez ainsi dans l’amour avec guerre jeux bien choisis




I don’t see the problem with having a few games directed at a female audience. I kind of want to work on one myself after I finish my current project.

Right now, there’s bawpie’s Heal which isn’t strictly for girls or a romance story, but very enjoyable.


Yeah, the “war-like” games aren’t just for males, nor are the more romance-based or feminine ones just for girls.

If you want romance and princesses, Choice of Romance and Intrigues are all about romance (and politics, but mostly romance), there are several user-made games allowing you to play as royalty, and I seem to remember one magical girl game in development, but I’m not certain if it’s still being made.

Otome games are visual novels made specifically with women as the target audience, and many involve romance. I could provide a link to a tumblr that has a lot of otome games listed (some of which are free) if you would like.




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@Voldemort1 im a girl and if you are saying men dont like romance and woman only want pink kitty unicorns be princess and marry yes its sexist. But if you only saying you want more sweet romance games i agree with you !!!




sweet omance ames


Cest rien


jeux romans re ze est


@Farside: Monogender characters =/= Monogender games.

I do agree there should be more romance games, - although I probably wouldn’t play them myself variety is a good thing for the fanbase.


I prefer games that focus on drama and relationships. This isn’t on account of being a woman, and I’ve played my share of RPGs over the years. It’s just what I like. I have a hard time getting into dry, character-less games that focus on combat. Again, it’s not because of sex. It’s just a preference.

Everyone should play Heart no Kuni no Alice. It’s an otome dating sim based off of Alice in Wonderland. It’s still in Japanese, but it’s spin-off manga is in English.


You’re correct. I mixed the two.