New Game: The Race


@andymwhy I think the Muscle guy should have a background like a bouncer or something along physical labor lines. The Brain dude should be a technician or something along intelligent work lines. Not sure about the girl through. Just trying to help with the creative process


An update on this game. The progress is going well and I’ve added the first proper ending.

There are a lot of hidden variables in the game and each scene is very complex.

My aim is to be as dynamic as possible. The race involves 9 teams and depending on your actions, you can finish in any position. Likewise, depending on how you interact with the other teams, the eventual winning team can vary too.

The hardest part so far is keeping track of time (which is important after the demo ends). I would love to be able to display the time as it changes with your actions, but I may opt for te easier route of just displaying the total time taken so far. (converting a number to hours and minutes is not that easy to do - if anyone can help with code it would be appreciated).

A lot of research has gone into this game. I went to Peru in 2004/5 and a lot of the scenes are based on my experiences.

There’s still a long way to go but I’m pleased so far!


Errm, I still died at the same point…


Devex, the demo hasn’t and won’t be updated.

To create a demo, I had to upload the individual files to a separate website. I’d have to do that each time to keep it up-to-date. I’d rather give you the finished game in one go rather than drip feeding parts here and there. When the time is ready, I’ll call for beta-testers, but that’s a way off yet.

This was merely an update to let people know how it’s going.


OK, message me / keep me in mind when you need some beta testers, the game is great as far as I can see.


Will do. It’s going to be a while yet but I’ll post updates on here from time to time.


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@MouaThug yes that is true


@cool74 thanks for the info man… Take it easy…


Sorry for the slow reply. Yes, South Korea is the non-communist nation where the World Cup was jointly held in 2002 and the Olympics took place in 1988.


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longer and funner the game is the better


This game will have one clear ending - winning the race. This can be achieved in several ways. There are also many other endings - finishing in different positions, getting yourself killed! Etc. There will also 2 alternative endings… Hints to both are in the demo.


so uhh, hows the progress coming?


The basic scenes are set. Got a LOT of padding to do and then need to transfer them to choicescript. Once that’s done I need to sit down and look at the time - how long each action takes. Then testing, bugfixing then done… It’s going well but there’s still a long way to go!


if you need a beta tester, I’ll be happy to help.


I’ll be looking for beta testers for the full game when I’m ready. It’s still going to be a while though - the last two weeks and the next week are really busy for me, so progress has been slow lately.

For anyone interested in a longer demo, go to

This includes the first leg of the race and one possible end route.
Again, there are still bugs. Please let me know if you find any! Also, tell me what you think in terms of the game being too easy/slow/boring, etc.


I am enjoying the game (I am a fan of The Amazing Race). A few things I found:

  1. I paid for the taxi early in the game but my money was still the starting $500. Is that because the game didn’t begin?
  2. When I chose croissants for breakfast, an error message popped up related to an if statement.

I’d be happy to beta test, too. Good luck!