New Game: The Race

There’s another typo I found. When you pick leonie and do the conspiracy path and the dinner you talk with Americans and lighten the mood with a joke. It says “and then every starts laughing” but you mean “everyone”.
Sorry for all the posts


A major update to The Race. New content: Some scenes have been fleshed out and errors removed. A progress map has been included showing the route you have taken. Achievements have been added (although they are not working on Apple… I’ll address this with Jason). There’s also a brief introduction to The Race 2 as well as other games.

So, if you’ve never played The Race before, now’s the time. If you have played, why not give it another go? There are four paths to complete. There are 15 achievements too. Can you get them all? The Race is FREE to download on your phone or it can be played directly through this website.


There’s a bug in the android version I’d like to report. Once you’ve finished choosing your companion, the game loops back to the beginning once. Then, if you play through your choices for the second time, the game runs smoothly as usual - except you get to pick up a second round of stats.

In other words,
You begin the game normally, and pick your strengths. Once you go through the cutscenes about wallets and fires, you get to choose your companion for the race. Once you choose your companion, the game loops back to the title screen. You pick up another 2 strengths, go through the wallets and fires, and re-choose your companion. Then the game continues.

Thanks for reporting this, @Wyrmspawn. I’ll see if it’s a bug in my code and change it for another update.

Congrats on the update, Andy – hope it brings a wider audience back to The Race!

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When I click the link on the Hosted Games page, it asks for a password. Strange. Once that’s fixed, I’ll post to social media about the update.

Thanks @Havenstone, some new readers would be nice!

Thanks @JimD. It seems to do that for all Hosted Games now.

This is the first I’ve heard of this. What other published games are requiring a login?

I’ve written to Dan about the Race. Hopefully we’ll get that sorted shortly.

Should be fixed. Can someone confirm? Also, are there other games with a similar problem?

@jasonstevanhill The Race works for me online now, thanks! I tried all the other hosted games for good measure and they all work. None are asking for a login/password.

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Hey, Andy. I found a typo in The Race: “Life Saver: Save your partners life” (should be “partner’s”)

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Thanks Sam. I spotted a couple more errors too yesterday. I’ll change them for the next patch.

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Also, it looks like the achievements are missing on the Android version.

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Also, I found another typo:

“Do you want to take the first available taxi, or look around to choose the best one.” (the sentence should end with a question mark.)

Found another couple typos:

You start asking the local people what El Misti is. The first guy, an ageing man with thin, brown-grey hair, points roughly to the North. "Montana!". He says. The next man, speaking a little English, makes it easier for you. "Ah! El Misti! Big mountain. Volca.. Volcano!". He also points roughly North.
(there are periods after the dialogue)
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Can you please help me with the puzzle part or can anyone!?

Hi @Azaria_Hodge which puzzle part are you stuck on?

There is a bug with the released version of The Race and I am working on a patch.

In the mean time, here’s a link to the game which will work on PC and phone.

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So when Mendez asks for the two letters i have 19 and 19 and i used the cipher and got ai but no matter how i put it in he says it isn’t right. What did i do wrong?
Also just a little bug, every time i restart it has me do the character customization part twice before i can start.

oh…its s not a and i… i was doing the numbers individually. whoops…

Yes, the correct answer is S and S. Congrats on getting he numbers right!