New game ideas


ANY good game ideas anyone


in the year 3785 the whole world does the exact same thing, every one is boring and dull even as kids, and its been this way for centuries, but then you were born, and you were different, because of your rebelliousness you get called before the leaders a group of 5 men who decide everything for everyone and noone can do.anything about it, the story revolves around you trying to start a revolution and getting people to have personalities again like they did in present day


You can game idea as long as you give at the beggining for basic outline


Ok ill try on that but ny more


whos game is this?


Its not a game its a idea thread


How about a galactic republic type game. You start out as a minor senator. You can build influence and become chancellor. Be a minor behind the scenes kind of guy. Maybe build alliances and eventually defect creating your own empire?


@Etzel good idea you can be a maquiavelian or a popular good guy


Thanks. Now that I think more about it. You can have a Pre-game stage where you follow your characters life just prior your position as Senator. These can be things like Commander of an elite fighting force who helps eradicate a group of pirates, a merchant who buys his way into office, an actor who’s charisma and household name makes him an easy choice to some people to vote for or maybe the aide to the Governor of your planet who nominates you to the position.

All these choices can then effect future events you encounter. Such as the reemergence of the pirates you had wiped out or a choice in the senate that goes against your planet but the good for the entire galaxy?