New game! Grand Academy II: Attack of the Sequel -- Seize destiny at our evil preparatory school!

So I just finished 2nd playthrough of this game and I’m going to say that it’s kinda like Return of the Jedi; it’s good, but it is really inferior to it’s predecessor.

However, positivity is everyone’s jam so I will just start on the things I like about this game.

1.) The use of the Dorms. In the first Grand Academy, one of the things I didn’t like was the fact that your choice of dorm didn’t do much except for the name of your sponsor and openness to monsters, etc. I’m really glad that your choice of dorm actually made a difference.

2.) The Writing. The story, by itself, is pretty good. Although the management of the endings is rather… mixed (I’ll get more into that later on). The sentences are well written and still retain the charm of the first game,

I have to congratulate the Katherine for incorporating all the endings into the story instead of Thanos snapping some of them like Psy High 2 and actually kinds of make it work well. But to be honest, I think that this would have been better off had a complete setting overhaul like well… Psy High 2. But that’s my suggestion, Nehring could do whatever she wants with her stories and the genre war was a good thematic overhaul overall

3.) The New Characters. Mainly Dev, Sona, and AB (squab off Val) are pretty good. They’re not as good as the older characters from the previous games who didn’t get a chance to shine such as Kinistra and Cerebrist, but these characters are nice fillers for that Kinistra-Cerebrist sized hole.

Okay time for the downsides.

1.) The Romances. I think everyone probably covered this a lot already so in short: lack of RO-exclusive moments and Kinistra fans kinda got the short end of thr stick. This is probably the least of my concerns since I didn’t romance anyone and I only did so to see what differences they make.

2.) Kinistra and Cerebrist. These two didn’t get that much action in this whatsoever. Were they even in the game at all? Were they shown in other ways that were not a character mentioning them? Okay I’m sorry that sounded rude since I kind of understand why they’re not there. Their fates are so radicslly different that it’s probably going to be hell for Katherine to code them in. Quite a bummer not to see them, but I understand why they’re not there and the new characters were fairly nice for me.

3.) Villain downgrade. Val (in my opinion) is rather forgettable. In Grand Academy 1, I was fairly engaged in the plot between the hero infiltration and the Maedry vs. Cerebrist conflicts, whereas in Grand Academy 2, I was somewhat engaged by the genre war but man, the Val subplot was forgettable (again, in my opinion.) But at least I could take it seriously by some amount.


Hey, is the name you give your characters their real name or not?

No I think

Wait yes it is

Do things become more genre specific is this game?

Sucks to hear there might not be a third one, I personally loved this game and want to continue my characters story through two more years

I’ve got every achievement for this game except 2

I’m Board: Get yourself named to the Board of Visitors and Overlords. (30 points)
This one I don’t even know where to start, I’ve never seen something where that could be an option. Unless this is one of the achievements that needs you to do something specific in the first game? Definitely would like some hints.

A Clone Now: Take control of a horde of replicas. (20 points)
I’ve gotten this option with each of my stats high, high narrative weight, high genre savvy, so I’m not sure what I’m missing. Done it with or without my mom winning tenure, chasing Val or not, winning tournament or not. And I always get distracted by Lord X. And I tried commanding the clones at the beginning too, just in case. Please tell me what I need.

I have it from Amazon so I can’t look up the codes myself past chapter 3.

For I’m Board, you need to get the ending where you put Vice President Ghoul in an egg and also have Phil be the fourth board member instead of Val.

I’ve gotten A Clone Now by having Maedryn as my nemesis, but reading the code it seems you can also get it by having a relationship above 60 or below 30 with her.

Thanks, I got the clone one. Now I just wish I could remember how to get Phil. I only got him once by accident.

I think his appearance is tied to your relationship with Val, though I could be wrong

I’ve tried romancing Val, having him as nemesis, and having both high and low relationship with them, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I know I got Phil while I was trying for board, but I can’t remember if it was a play through from 1st year or not. I can’t remember which stat I was focused on either.

If you really wants to try brute forcing it, during the tournament finale choose to go after Val instead of fighting your mother. Defeating him should allow you to turn him in, at which point Val will be removed from the game due to being tortured or something

Nope. That’s the first thing I tried. But thanks. :slight_smile: I only have a couple games I played all the way through, so it won’t be so bad.

Lmao I got Phil and now the thing I was doing to trap Goul in an egg doesn’t work that way anymore.