New game! Grand Academy II: Attack of the Sequel -- Seize destiny at our evil preparatory school!

It’s not. And that feeling has been voiced by people. The new pc is the arbiter in personality and plot. The old pc’s name has merely been slapped on the arbiter should we have loaded a save, and we had some lackluster and threadbare excuses as to why we can’t use our powers and contacts anymore thrown at us.

That’s what, going by observation, bugs people:
That a lot of CoG sequels feel like stand-alones, like books that don’t want to acknowledge different endings…


I don’t think anyone is “attacking.” But I do feel like the game carries over quite a few things: namely, what happened last year!


In my experience there are three things people really care about, when it comes to games:
Their RO. People generally really, really don’t like it if their RO gets taken from them.
Their stats. People generally don’t like seeing their hard work get reduced. Even if it might be necessary.
Any power/titles other goodies that they ‘won’ in the first game. This mean that if they say end up as ‘Master of the Universe’ they don’t like being reduced from their title. Even if it might be necessary for the story to even make sense.

Honestly, if that’s the reason people are playing Choice games then you might as well give them nothing. I’m pretty sure a good story is more important than any of those, especially for a book, but I guess other people think differently?

I mean, it is. It’s an interactive novel.

These aren’t just “books” though they’re games first and foremost, interactive games.

I think its completely legitimate to be upset that the stats, romances, and achievements you played hard for are just ignored or thrown to the wayside.


I think the discussion about sequels should be taken out of this thread – this thread really should be used to discuss the game itself.


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Dang, I’m really disappointed. I really did like this sequel even if I felt it wasn’t perfect. I hope this experience doesn’t put Katherine off of making CoGs in the future, as I really love her world building. Where most power fantasy stories have the MC starting from next to nothing and have to build their way up, I loved that GA2 made you feel like badass, both in player actions and in acknowledgement from other characters, from the very beginning. Being a sea monster and leading Horror to victory over the other houses was such a cool experience.


For what it’s worth, my upcoming sequel is a direct continuation of Werewolves 1. Everything is acknowledged and continued. I’ve been paying VERY close attention to readers’ complaints about CoG sequels and have taken all responses on this forum to heart in the design of the game.

All ROs and stats continue in Werewolves 2, no characters sidelined. The only thing that doesn’t really carry over as much is if you achieved packleader status (though it is acknowledged), but the reason for that will probably be obvious for those who completed book 1.



Shameless, yes, but at least it is self-aware!


Does anyone know how to get the unhallowed deer? I can get it without importing a save, but when I do import and copy what I did for when I didn’t import, I get the hummingbird.
Edit: I am in Sci-fi if that helps and I tried changing to fantasy when I import

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I picked horror genre along with something terrifying and cute

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Pets are determined by traits and house. The regular traits are cute, repulsive, and terrifying. Two regular traits can be chosen together. Sci-fi and Thriller share pets, and Fantasy and Horror share pets.

Monster traits can be chosen instead of regular traits if your character is a monster. Monster traits are special in that if chosen, the monster traits will prevent regular traits from being chosen and any previous regular traits chosen don’t matter. Additionally, the main character’s chosen House is also ignored.


These are the pets I’ve found. I’ll update the list later when I know more

Sci-fi and Thriller

  • Cute and Repulsive: Nesting Toad
  • Cute and Terrifying: Humming Terrorbird
  • Repulsive and Terrifying: Pan-Dimensional Hyperworm

Fantasy and Horror

  • Cute and Repulsive: Millipup
  • Cute and Terrifying: Unhallowed Deer
  • Repulsive and Terrifying: Reversible Possum


  • Dragon: Salamandest
  • Abyssal: Cephalokitten
  • Spectre:
  • Beast: Dire Bunny
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Is there an option to use they/them pronouns in this game?

You can play as a non-binary character - doesn’t look like they/them is available, but there are a selection of neopronouns as well as as he or she. There’s also a fantastic set of responses when discussing your gender:


Segue: Is Phil in the game? hehe I bought it, but haven’t finished it and so far haven’t found him yet hehe. Loving it so far!

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Another question: has anyone figured out how to control the clones?

I liked the game overall. I think it was pretty good.
However one thing which I found a bit disappointing is the ending I got for Val. Almost nothing was said about the status of relationship between main character and Val. After choosing so many actions directed at Val:

  • seduce Val
  • spy on Val in the library
  • look for Val and find her in a hospital
  • find comforting words for Val
  • travel to another world to search for Val
  • use plot device to bring Val back
  • look for Val after final battle

At the end what I got was a sentence (i dont remember exact wording) stating that “After the final battle you found Val somewhere in a storage closet. She was wasted in a bad condition but you helped her and brought her back to senses”… And? That’s it? I was hoping for… a bit more? idk…

Though in a sense it fits the overall “evil” theme of this book: all the lengths I went through for her and she still doesnt care about me :grinning:


I personally liked the game, as I played the meta storyline of the first one. However, I do see why some of the users were disappointed, as they decided to choose the hero side of things but this sequal was more catered towards being a villian. Since I personally think it’s not that bad that this was more of a continuation of the villian storyline, if I were to change one thing I would have kept more of the old characters and given them a bigger role. The one or two times I ran into them (Aurion, Xi, etc.) made me wish there would have been more interaction! Overall, it was pretty good though.

Now on another hand, does anyone know how you can help your mother secure a position as a professor? Whenever I try, she always loses to Ulik or Fen, even though my tenure is in the high 60s. If that’s the problem, how can I increase it?

That’s a huge bummer, honestly. I hope at least we get to see more from the author! I loved this series. I think the problem is most people are more vocal when they’re upset about something than when they’re pleased with it. I still hope it sold a ton of copies, bc Katherine deserves SO MUCH for this amazing series. I was seriously shocked at the crazy amount of variables and options, for some reason I actually never played the first game but when this went on sale I bought them both, and have basically been playing them non-stop over Thanksgiving break. I couldn’t put them done, it was so compelling. I wish that a third was viable, but if it isn’t I guess I’ll have to settle for what I’m sure will be another amazing work from Katherine :stuck_out_tongue:


I enjoyed the game overall, even if the stuff the MC did in the first was primarily pointless. About the only thing I would have preferred in the sequel. Is the ability to tell the annoying windbag Aurion to shut the hell up. So I could avoid having to read his self inflated grandiose prattle whenever he speaks.

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Ok…i guess, i will play this game as a standalone.