New game! "Fate of the Storm Gods"—Control the elements as a force of nature!

Ok do this @E_RedMark

And even at the ball in her family estate you can straight up tell Niel that you want to have sex @E_RedMark


yeah I know and I did…


Achievement completed you have finally lost that virginity @E_RedMark


duuude…did you have to put it that way? :smile:


Idk :wink::wink::wink:

Sigh …


we’ll be good Mama Eiwynn, who did you romance btw? and were you able to?


does anyone know how to get the warbringer achievement?

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This is most definitely bugged and I’m fixing it as we speak. Sorry that I kept you from this, the thirstiest of achievements!


Pushing out the patch right now.


Finally finished the game, loved the world and the story! I will echo what others have said about the difficulty, the first time through even going with a heavy charisma focus it felt like nothing I tried worked, so on my second run through I went over it with a fine tooth comb and the script open trying to optimize.

I think I may have found a few bugs in doing so. I’m not wholly certain it’s possible to have niel and beck share the vote, as none of the things you can say to beck seem to sway him on that matter.

Also, when you are deciding who to side with going into chapter 8, I know that even though I sided with Niel’s plan, the flag to set which side I was selecting didn’t get set, so it fell through to the else cases in some other scenes. For example, Beck shows up at the door that night and talks about his plan (even though I’m not backing him) and chapter 8 treats me like I’ve sided with Cielo against the eaters.

Ultimately even though the game was punishing, I did enjoy myself a lot! Hope to see more works from you in the future!

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Does anyone know how to make peace with the weather builders and eater I have tried being peaceful and understanding to both sides

Imma just gonna say it
Cielo best girl (well or boy or person?)

Will there be a second part? The end seemed kinda open. Maybe a spin-off?

So was this ever updated so that the stat requirements weren’t so draconian in endgame or is that not a thing that happens after officially released?

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I noticed multiple typoes throughout the game, and parts of dialogue and pacing were kind’ve poor. I hope the author can go through later and correct these issues. I can’t say the game was that exciting, especially because of these issues+stats.