New game A Change In History (programmer needed)

Hello there,after my epic fail trying to make a game a found a new history…In fact I’ve thought it before but i wasn t sure about it.So let me know your opinions.You re the first King of the Independent Country of Greece Othon.Although he messed it up and got kicked of his throne in 1843 with a Revolution you can take his role once he came in Greece in 1832. You get to make your name a legend or be kicked off as true Othon did or just be executioned which is actually much worse than he did. You ll be able to get in a war with Ottomans and some other neighbouring countries that Greece never actually turned against. You ll be able to control the politics and make marriage and maybe even take hostages. So let me know about it. There will be some historical facts but actually it will be an Change in History

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Rule #10 Do not advertise for coders.
Anyways it sounds fun. I’d like to play it when it gets done.

Hopefully I’ll get in before this topic is locked. Choicescript is easy. It’s actually designed so that writers can find it simple to pick up. I’d suggest starting my checking out the guide on the main page, then the wiki.