New Fantasy Roleplay




So lets continue the rp now that everything is in place


The Mage smiled at his prey, seeing that this foolish thief had 4 copper meots,
Meots are in game currency
10 copper=1 silver 10 silver=1 gold 10 gold equals= 1platinum
1 silver is the average daily pay for someone.


(Am I the prey because alchemists normally aren’t thief’s… plus I have 10 platinums due to the fact thy using alchemy I can change rock into gold


No, I didn’t mention it, but my character is slightly sadistic and there attack on him was planned from the beggining.


He notices the thief near the maye and summons a bird to be made withn mans and the bird flies over and rips the thief’s bag of money and the bird picks up a meot and flies back. "More for charity


Personus notices a large wood wall about 300 feet away
“s*** orcs, they’ll skin me if they see me,” and Personus makes a run for it, a single orc guard giving chase, when he is far enough away from the fort, he shoots the beast between the eyes with a single shot of lightning (4) killing it.
“Damn orcs,”


“Only 6 tib, I won’t be able to eat tonight.”
Tib is the orcish currency, while the meot is used by everyone else, the tib is used by the seperate Orc confederation,
5 tib= 1 copper meot


AHe overhears the mage and walks up and tosses him a platinum


Consider it a gift


Says the Mage as he throws the Alchemist a piece of Sotanet,
“this is a rare element that can be turned into anything, organic or non, impossible to make with magic, I found a dead mine full of the stuff, and snakes, I hate snakes. You could have better use with the stuff than me.”


Thank you


As the two magical beings part ways, Personus reaches the small village of Westlight where at the local Inn his mana was restored.