New Fantasy Roleplay


Firstly you put in
History(what’s known about you)
Strength (Humans 1-10)(Vampire/Werewolves3-12)(Alchemist 3-14)


Speed endurance and intelligence have the same limits as strength for each race and pm me to be an alchemist I’m the only one and only two others can become alchemists (because they are very rare)


Also post any other race you want with reasonable limits


Pale, pointy ears, tall, golden eyes, talon claw things
Mage who got bored
10 intelligence
3 strength
6 speed
3 endurance


Lets start the Rp (ok currently in the forest for me)


1-10 strength
4-12 intelligence
3-11 speed
1-10 endurence


Talon walks through the woods channeling his energy into a flame in his hand


(That sounds pretty good Person)


(Also the higher the intelligence and the strength the better your magic is


Not being a idiot Personus the wizard brought a torch so he does not waste mana, this though also attracts other people and animals


He sees a flame of a torch in the distance and he quickly puts the flame out


Wizardry skill should be based on intelligence and some for of mana system, it’s more classical.


(Good point I also think you should be able to exchange health for mana)


That is something that is missed a lot, movement from health or maybe loads of stamina with mana.
Human 10 mana adds three per level
Elf 15 mana adds five per level
Orc 5 mana adds two per level
Dwarf 10 mana adds three per level


Per level?


If there is no leveling system, than you would have to have each race have a mana cap,
Human 40
Elf 60
Orc 20
Dwarf 30


That sounds good.


We’re both full mana, mana returns in sleep, each spell has a mana count,
A pair of robbers surround the Mage, whom quickly uses lightning strike (5) wounding one robber and proceeds to stab the other one. The pair, both wounded, cut there losses and run, only for one to brought down with sparks (2) finishing the robber off.


Okay but I think alchemists should have a higher magic cap than regular humans


How about 100, you guys are the moderators of this whole thing.