New Electronic Music! (MOON PENGUIN7)


I have taken some time off of creating choice games and have been spending a lot of time on making electronic music.
So check it out if you are looking for something new and fresh to listen to! And let me know what you think. X]]
And let the penguins live on forever!!!


Here is my first song I made using FL Studio. I have many more! I also am making cover and remix songs that are on my youtube channel.


Normally I’d delete this sort of post, but since @RockStarPenguin is a longterm member of the community, and does actually contribute I’m leaving it up.

Just don’t go posting your music on multiple threads. You can either post it here, or you can post it on the music thread, but not both.

And please, from now on though post all your songs on the one thread. That way we’d be able to look at them all.


Thanks! Very kind of you. I defiantly don’t want to use this fine site to load a bunch of junk on it. I will always use this same thread for others!


It’s pretty good. Will be keeping an eye on this thread. :slight_smile:


Thank you!! I really appreciate you listening! X]] <3


Here is another one of my songs. Enjoy :blush:


Nice music, keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


Im not normally into this type of music but i have to say its very good


Hello new writing music. :slight_smile: got anymore?


Awww, you all are so kind! :blush:

@SwankyPants Thank you for the encouragement!! I defiantly will keep making music! I enjoy it a lot! XD

@Lightsavior I also, in a way, am not much into electronic music… I really love some, but most songs I find are too repetitive and lack a true melody. I’m so glad that you like it! :grin:

@Razgriz Yes, I do have more songs!! I have made 11 total so far of this kind of music. I am working on getting a full album put online for buy or on Spotify and youtube. I will try to put more up on my channel soon!

Thanks everyone!! <3


That’s great! I look forward to listening to some more. I checked your YouTube channel and only saw the three songs.they were pretty nice. :slight_smile:


Thank you once again!! I believe I have four songs on my channel now. Two of my own songs and two cover songs/remixes.


Here is another one of my songs that I just uploaded… You can also check out my channel for remixes like Zelda songs! if you like that kind of stuff. Thanks for watching!


Although this is still quite basic stuff in FL Studio, I do like it, keep up the good work.


Thanks. This is the first time I have ever done anything like this, still so much to learn… any tips?? are you familiar with FL studio ?? I do want to improve but at the same time I want to focus on melodies and music that I like and not too much on trying to copy others or sounding fancy.


I used to work with FL studio, but that’s already quite some time ago. What I can reccomend is watching tutorials on youtube and such and trying things out. One thing I really like to do and to use is “sidechaining” (I am not 100% certain if that is the correct name)


This actually isn’t too bad, I like it.

Does anything inspire you to make this type of music?


Thanks! :grin:

I think there is a lot that inspires me to make many kinds of music. First video games, since video game music ranges drastically and there is a lot that I like from my childhood. Also, I hear a lot of music in my head and it’s fun to be able to bring some to life. I do like the idea and sound of electronic music but I just don’t like how most if put together such as being too repetitive so I wanted to make my own the way I like it. I used to write many lyric songs and wanted to record them but I was never a good singing so I was really excited to be able to make instrumental music.


Yeah, I was thinking video games, because this sounds like something I’d hear in Geometry Dash.