New and with some questions


This is my first time posting and I have a few questions for you guys and girls.
1: Opinions about the current official Choice of Games, have the recent ones been good or bad, and why?
2: Do ya’ll have some sort of a certain thought process when thinking of ideas for games?
3: Have a favorite official COG, Hosted COG and a favorite WIP or game in the forums?
Thank you and have a sastisfactory day- Harlox


yeah but your screwed either way , the monarch is an uncaring cheating prick ,mendoza is oblivious to the feelings of others and only sees whats on top , and don’t even make me start with the old fart.I did like mendoza better than the other two , but still wouldn’t hurt if mendoza could hatch an evil plot with me with me sometime instead of yes or no solutions to all of there probloms.


Well my fave official cog is I’m gonna have to go wit choice of romance because of all the choices and wips well resonance and basically all of them after resonance


i missed listing heal , wish there were updates more often but i know how hard it is to write when your not in the mood


1: Opinions about the current official Choice of Games, have the recent ones been good or bad, and why?

A mixed bag. Kung-fu and the Fleet were decent attempts. City of Clouds and Star Captain were awful in my view. There is some criticism on here for ‘forced stupidity’ on Heroes Rise and Eerie estate agent seems to have passed by without too much fuss.

There’s been no “stand-out” ones yet and that may be the problem so far, I actually think one or two of the unofficial ones are better but that is me.

2: Do ya’ll have some sort of a certain thought process when thinking of ideas for games?

As an author? I think of characters, their individual stories and then I craft the world that they’re in and formulate everything around those characters. For Paladins:Salvation I based the game around two characters; Oda (or Vallant) and Claire, whom were fated to fall in love yet not have the satisfaction of realising that love. The whole concept was born through my imagining of two warriors fighting on snow covered mountains and literally from that mere idea I crafted the world/nation/gods/lore for the concept in Paladins. To be fair though I’ve had over 8 or so years to refine those concepts but although a lot has changed throughout the ‘main couple’ so to speak have always remained unchanged.

Basing a CYOA around that concept is a bit of a challenge for me to be honest but I have faith for the time being.

3: Have a favorite official COG, Hosted COG and a favorite WIP or game in the forums?

Official COG; Choice of Dragons but if its paid, Kung-fu wins at the moment.

Hosted COG: Very tough this one… Way Walkers University and Zombie Exodus are both magnificent games in their own right and I heartily endorse both.

WIP: oooh toughie… Three come to mind, Tyrant Dawn which, isn’t being worked on anymore as far as I know. Cavalry commander but that’s kind of dropped away recently too and Vendetta’s game is very strong.

But I have to give it to @bawpie 's very interesting, unique and strong “Heal”. Afaik work on that has been stopped too for one of the contests, but hopefully it’ll start up again soon as I think that one has amazing potential.


well that depends on what you look for in a game if you want a story line where your main propblom is stats , then you might like start captin or hero’s rise. However if you are like me and like freedom I recommend the choice of the vampire which has a sequel in the making and testing as i type,or zombie exodus (that is not an offical game but since it’s so popular it should be ) the game follows a story line but gives you loads of room that can dramatically effect the story , so far there are 4 games the first 3 are free to play online but it costs you 99c but it’s a very good chapter that gives you control of what missions you go on which effect the story later in that chapter and in the last chapter which is being tested at the moment.(unfortunatly the author is ill and in the hospital for reason we here on the fourms have not been informed of so progress is put on hold for now).
When you think of ideas for games go for somthing that no one has posted yet, but make sure it intrestes both yourself and the players.Also unless you plan on learning choice script *shutter* then you will need a coder. Find somthing unique and build a whole world off of a idea, but be sure to know what direction the story is headed before diveing head first into your work.
My personal favorite is zombie exodus , But be sure to check out some of the works in progress. there are some very promising demos out for up and comming games.
MY LIST OF DEMOS: Unnatural, Blood for poppies, zombie exodus part 5 ,waywalkers university the squel,resonance ,Aeon sage , and most certinly the seven winds which is updated very offten and has a very interesting story to it…



oh and don’t get the wrong impression when you wake up and find 20 comments on a single bookmarked conversation. People from all over the world talk on the fourms so don’t think we all have imsomnia, But some of us are exceptions to that rule however ( some times i have a touch of it)


every one here is a writer (with the exception of me but i am learning :smiley: ), i enjoy all the games.

For me i just take it as real life, and like in real life you don’t know whats going to happen next so i just go where the story takes me. But still i do focus on some important points

  1. my favorite is zombie exodus, thats the game that encouraged me to write.

This is the nicest online community i ever met. People help you even if your game is not worth reading so they can give you tips to improve. You just have to take the advice and maybe your game will be in the top someday


@Harlox peoples oppinions on games are as varied as the people themselves but there are a few exceptions, if you are looking for good games to start off with…

try a few of these titles
Zombie Exodus
Way Walkers University
Choice of the Vampire
Choice of Kung Fu

these are all great stories & are worth the price, if you looking to preview a game before its officialy released you will find several here on the forums but in my oppinion the best are…

Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster - bye @Vendetta
Unnatural - by @Nocturnal_Stillness

welcome to CoG Forums hope you enjoy it as much as we do


@akatsuki9344 I’m not a cog writer I just write normal stories


Garry’s mod players represent! :wink:


Thank you for all the feedback guys and girls!
I opinion is that the newer one like City of The Clouds, The Fleet and Star Captain. But I do think that Kung-Fu was very good.

Not sure about my favorite official COG, maybe Vampire or Broadsides?

I VERY much like Zombie Exodus for the Hosted COG, probably me favorite.

And Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster is probably my favorite WIP BUT I JUST WANT TO PLAY MORE OF IT! I CAN’T WAIT!


And yes, Garry’s mod is le great.