New Age: Birth of a God (WIP) Fledgling god is back


Hello to all my lords and ladies! I’m back! First, I want to apologize about the huge delay in this game. For clarification it was the Fledgling God/Gods of Macinea. From what I saw a lot of you loved the idea. But between my senior year, college applications, my miserable programming skills, and a rage quit because I accidentaly deleted a workable demo, well let’s just say I didnt work on much.
But wait! Now that I’m taking a programming class, I programmed a bit, and it’s much easier so im not thinking that it will take me long for me to make a new and improved demo.
Also on the plus side I have a ton written for this. If you are here from the old disscussion, I had to tone down the scheer amount of content. Instead I’m splitting it up into either different chapters/books, or I will make the whole game, but just not as in depth as I’d like it. I need make my work load more manageable.
On the not so plus side, for this anyway, my friend and I are exploring our skills in writing manga. Since im doing the writing for the storyline in that, it might cut into how fast this game will be finished.
Anyway would guys like different chapter/books or the whole game just not as in-depth?
Secondly I know, at least on the other discussion, there was a lot of feedback for me.
Here is what I plan to include

  • Interactions with mortals
  • your own aspect/item that is unique to your god
  • Sacrifices!
  • Godly Politics
  • More, much more

Things that will not be included, unless really popular

  • No quest to become a god, you will start as one
    -An always beatable game, you can lose the game, or at least fail at godhood
    -Adise god of milk

The history will be the same of what I posted in Fledgling God disscussion. If you guys want me too, I can post that again on this one. :slight_smile:
Thanks guys!


I’m in favor of different chapters if it means a more in-depth story.


Awesome carnt wait


This sounds awesome. So to be clear, when you mean aspect, you are going along the lines of a god of weather, night, day, ect?


a more in dept game would be cool.


I love the concept Good luck


Wooooo!! nuff said


Good luck man. Dont want to jinx it so I’ll leave it at that. =D>


I’m certain that this game will be excellent and quickly-made. Nothing could possibly go wrong! :wink:


I can easily think of a dozen things that could go wrong in this game.


A choice of God’s game come here and give me a hug. TOT


God of milk lol that’s so random
Sounds fun, I’m looking forward to it


God of Milk is a definite must though im convinced it wont be a complete product without him


I cant wait for a demo!!! Please please please!!! >O<^


Nice to see this up again, will there be a god(ess) who is the poker opposite and can you have children like the old Greek ones did and can you have pure blood god kids?


I love the possibility of interacting with other gods! Im so eager to see this come through! It be great to see what happens! :slight_smile:

–still hoping so hard to see a demo


Very unique, can’t wait to play a demo


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