NeoHeartless: CSComp Entry, Looking for Testers


Hello everyone, the most humble, greatest, and awesome person to ever walk the Earth, NeoHeartless here. (did I mention humble?)

Jokes aside, currently I’m looking for testers for my CSComp entry. I can’t give away any of the details to the general public of course and any information regarding it will be in a private thread, @Eiwynn no peaking.

If you’re willing to help out just leave a post if that you are interested. I may not be able to take everyone depending on how many volunteer, as I want to keep it down to a small yet relatively active group and I am looking.

I’m looking for bugs/typos/grammar (American English. For some reason I end up switching sometimes… too much BBC?) or as they like to call, Low-level feed back and feedback about the pacing of the plot, characters what you like and don’t like, etc etc, or also known as high-level feedback.

Overall, I want to make something that people will enjoy, so I ask of you, the community, to help me in this endeavor.

Provided all goes well, I will be making the private message thread for testing by the 20th or so.


You already know I’m interested to help, so here I am.


The title alone sounds interesting, I would love to check it out for you!


I’ve only beta-tested one game so far, so still a noob. But I’d be happy to help.


that title!! I would love to help you out!


I’d be interested in testing this


I’m interested to test and help.


Oh. The title. You’ve successfully pull me in, just like on other person, Neo.
Count me in.


I’d like to help beta test


Oh good the great lord Neo knows which version is better.


I’d love to help out.


I’ll beta test for you


Let’s agree to disagree


I would love to be a tester! Oh great sire, oh please pick me!


I’m in. Sign me up for it.


Would definitely love to help if you are still in need of testers! :slight_smile:


Thanks to everyone who has volunteered. I will finalize everything hopefully by this Saturday. If somehow everything goes well, beyond my expectations, tomorrow night I can get everything done, but this is life as a writer we’re talking about here, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up for the link to be up by tomorrow night.

I’ll be starting with a small group but I may add or subtract as time goes on.

Once again, I thank everyone for their support.

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As per request. :heartbeat: