Need ideas?


Ok so if you want to make a story and you don’t have any ideas :-?
Then you post what kind of story you want and i can give you one or more or even more then more :slight_smile: or others could post ideas for others to make


I got ideas i need help with choicescrip


Ok but i’m not good with choicescript so yeah… wrong addres


Why people who want choicescript never want to help? Sniff but i can help you i always want to help.


And a tip for people:
If i want to make up a story i just listen to music and tink of something that fits with it :slight_smile:

By the way @MaraJade if you want to write a story i could give some ideas or maby hep you if you need it


I got the story writen and the demo ready but i cant post it because i cant know what is wrong with my code and nobody who can code help me. But thanks